Happy Mother’s Day

This illustration is from a 1953 calendar given out by a feed company. It’s rather charming and ridiculous at the same time. (The mamma hens are yellow like chicks, check out their sturdy shoes, and their combs are decorative bows?!) Somehow I find it quite fitting for a Mother’s Day greeting. (I’m not one for flowery prose and saccharin sentiment.) Whether you are a parent, or caring for peeps in a brooder, this is for you.


Each calendar page has poultry keeping information. May Suggestions For Young Stock is, “Don’t crowd growing chicks.” Good advice!


  1. Too Cute I love the 3 cornerd diaper pinned in the back and the “sensible” shoes!

  2. Love pictures like this. Is this illustration in any of your books? They thought of every detail. Love the little Humpty Dumpty book on the floor!

  3. The Mamas ARE chicks, dressed in their Mama`s clothes and the Babies are their Dolls. Note the lil boy chick outside coming over to play. Darn sweet at any rate!!

  4. Lesly has a great take on the story here! I was thinking that was Dad, or the old rooster, looking in, or maybe just the mailman coming by! Ha!

  5. I assume those are Ducks outside, stomping about in the rain? The chick gazing through the window is very sensibly wearing a sou’wester to keep his head dry! How I wish MY hens would stay inside, instead of getting drenched whenever it rains! (as it often does here in Cornwall, England – sigh!) Brings back happy childhood memories of trying to walk around in grownups’ shoes and dresses…

  6. Ah, the year I was born. And my birthday happens to fall on Mother’s Day this year.

  7. At the window, a “peeping Tom”?! I can’t identify the expression on his face- he’s smiling, but the brow line indicates rage, indignation… :-D

  8. Happy Mother’s Day! The calendar picture is too cute! (1953 is the year before I was born.). ;)

  9. Happy (belated) 2nd Birthday to the Hen Cam. Love all that you do and share with us Terry.