Blog Birthday

Today is Twinkydink and Edwina’s birthday. They’re eight!


Today is also my blog’s birthday. I started writing about my hens in this space seven years ago and I haven’t stopped. I’ve added a few more characters along the way – the Beast, the goat boys, the dogs, and others. I’ve written about my garden and the flowers in the woodland. I’ve kept it all focused on this small world in my small backyard. Some days I’ve put up two posts, and yet there’s a backlog of tales for the telling. I thank you all joining me on my travels here in my backyard.

I also thank you for your support. This website started out as a way for me to promote my published books.The economic reality of traditional publishing is that I am far from able to make a living at it, and in fact it hasn’t even paid for the cost of running the cams. Meanwhile, my blog and answering your queries have become a full-time job. It’s one that I love and want to continue to do. That’s why I finally put GoogleAds up on my web pages and have asked you to buy me a cup of coffee. You’ve responded! I celebrated by going to a bakery in Chinatown and buying this… teapot cake? coffee pot cake? Whatever!



  1. Happy Birthday to Twinkledink, Edwina and the blog! Keep up the good work. You help a lot of people with all you do, especially ‘shut-ins’ like me. Thanks!

  2. Happy Birthday to HenCam! That cake is amazing. :)

  3. Yes, Happy Birthday Chicks & Blog…can’t thank you enough for all you share, blog & do! Love hearing about it all & here’s to many more years :)

  4. Congratulations … On your successful website! And wonderful blog! My husband and I had a “cup of coffee” with you this morning. Just wish we could set this up as a monthly automatic way to have a “cup” with you. Thanks again for all you do.

  5. Happy Birthday to the chickens and to your blog. Great job. I just recommended it to someone on Saturday.

  6. Happy Birthday Hencam and Girls!!! Glad I finally found you. Love the card.

  7. Many happy returns of the day! I love everything, and everyone, in your blog. Keep on keeping on.

  8. Are you going to add the virtual cup of coffee to the Hencam store? I will gladly help support this site. It is really cheap therapy!

    • It’s on the sidebar of the blog pages, but it should go into the store, too. BTW, for the price of 4 cups of coffee, you can get my book of postcards :)

  9. Happy Birthday to HenCam and all the family of Little Pond Farm. What a wonderful addition to our family and lives.

  10. Happy Birthday. Your book Tillie Lays an Egg introduced me to Little Pond Farm in 2009. I have enjoyed each visit even though a few visits have been very sad. Today I was thrilled to see Buffy looking so spry !!! I think she enjoys having the little ones around.

  11. Happy birthdays all around! Thank you so much for starting this blog. It is my go-to resource whenever I think anything might be wrong with my little flock of 3. And I love to check up on how the old ladies are doing. This is better than Days of Our Lives!

  12. Happy Blogday! You definitely make my day, many times, so thank you for the hard work you do to keep us in the loop and to provide a happy life for all your critters and family. (and happy birthday Twinkydink and Edwina – my girls have a long ways to go before they reach your wonderful age)

  13. Happy Birthday to all! Lots of action at the farm today!

  14. Thank you Terry! You have been, and continue to be, an invaluable resource to me. I appreciate the time that you put into your blogs, and I am a better chicken keeper because of you!

  15. birthdays i don’t do . . . . however, anniversaries are a little different and those i do.
    i’ll treat this one of yours as an occasion for me to say congratulations! it sounds like a lot of hard work a ton of patience, more than that of perseverance, persistance, patience – you name it, you have to have it.
    is it fun? i sure hope it’s as much for you as it is for all of us.
    thanks again and keep on keeping on!

    • I count my lucky stars everyday that this is what I do, and I’m grateful for your part in this and support!

  16. Happy birthday to Edwina and Twinkydidnk! And also to the Hencam. Thank you Terry for all of your wisdom and stories. I enjoy watching all of your animals and reading your posts.

  17. Congratulations, and thank you! Times are hard, but so many things- like HenCam- help make the world a better place!

  18. Happy Birthday HenCam, and Lady Birds! Wishing you a wonderful spring and many happy years to come!

  19. Happy Birthday to the blog and the Ladies. I hope my 3 Girls live as long! Thank you for all the chickeninfo over the years. I’ve learned so much about keeping chickens from you.

  20. Happy Birthday to the happy hens and HenCam! Wishing you all long, pleasant lives. By the way, wherever he ends up, I think a good name for the little roo would be Roulette because you lost a gamble that you would get all females! ;) Yea for the extra Black Star!

  21. Happy Birthday to you all. Thank you for what you do.

  22. Happy belated B. Day, girls! Happy Anniversary on your blog Terry! I’m hooked!
    You sure are quite the photographer, I might add!
    Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!

  23. Happy anniversary to you and happy birthday to those two old girls! Thank you for providing a sanctuary of sanity in an insane world.

  24. Happy Birthday HenCam! WIsh I was there ti help you eat that cake! YUM!!!!!!!

  25. Happy 8th Birthday to the girls! Checked the chick cam yesterday after work & it was empty. Then I realized the chicks were outside having fun being chased by you. ;)

  26. Happy Belated Birthday to the girls! Happy Belated HenCam Birthday to you! Thank you SO much for what you do!!!

  27. Happy belated birthday to the girls and to your efforts of seven years and counting! Keep up the wonderful work that you do.