Vintage Easter Basket

How charming is this?


Before there were cheap plastic baskets, there were inexpensive paper baskets.You can still find them at flea markets, and they’re still an affordable bit of fun. I found this for less than $10.

Just look at the plumage and expression on this chicken! The back half looks like my Welsummer, but I’ve no idea what the front end is based on, which, I think, makes it all that more charming.


Does your Easter bunny have a vintage basket to put eggs in?


  1. I was cruising the candy aisle at the store yesterday waiting for some photos to print and it really seems like there are more chicken items than there used to be in the past. Still plenty of bunnies. But I was even tempted to pick up a few of the chicken ones cuz they were just so darn cute!

  2. While my basket is not that cute, it is the same one my mother got for me when I was less than 1, so it is now 53 yrs old! It is a dark wine color woven basket and has held an awful lot of Easter treasures over the years :)

  3. Very beautiful, I love the bold colors. At first I thought it was made of tin. The chickens are drawn in such an interesting style!
    Even though it’s a relatively cheap swap-meet find, isn’t it amazing that such an item escaped tearing, fading, or simply being discarded because it was old-fashioned…