Russian Easter Toy

It might snow today. Or rain. Or freezing rain. Which isn’t as bad as what blew down on the midwest overnight. Whatever the weather, it’s the sort of day that could use a cheerful pick-me-up. Silly windup toys always make me smile. Here’s one from my collection. It’s Russian.



hen toy

I think it resembles Jasper.

toy front


What’s cheering you up today?



  1. It is snowing here in The Smoky Mountains. Trees and flowers blooming and snow is on the ground, temps in the 30’s. Mother Nature is not playing nice. I am cozy in the house. Nice cup of java, watching all the hungry and cold birds at my feeders. The migraters are wondering also…..what the heck is going on?????

  2. Another gray day here. I long to be able to open my windows, turn off this expensive heat, see and feel the sun and wear flip flops. I love your Russian Toy. It looks very familiar. I remember those tin toys. I notice your chicken can lay eggs. Does it still work?

  3. what’s cheerful about my world? well . . . at my age, just waking up !
    and the sun is shining – on the snow (wisconsin, we’re in) – and that’s good. really. we needed the moisture so badly and we sure got it. then of course, with all that snow on the ground, it’s like living inside of your beer cooler with a bag of ice – the air stays cold. and when the wind blows – right thru a person it goes

  4. Terry’s HenCam, makes my day! Knowing there are other chicken lovers out there makes me happy to!

  5. Like Jean said “at my age, just waking up!” Up here in Vermont there’s still mountains of snow in my yard but the birds are singing such cheerful songs….they know spring is around the corner, but it’s such a long corner. I love your Russian chicken.

  6. Watching the hencam always cheers me up. Seeing daffodils coming up in my flower beds, being greeted by happy chickens, seeing tiny green stems from the chamomile seeds I planted last week and snuggling on the couch with my dogs while I have my morning tea. What a great start on this Monday morning!

  7. Knowing that at the end of the week we will have chicks hatching cheers me up. It’s so exiting!

  8. Looking into the eyes of my half bichon frise half old english pound puppy. She is 55 pounds of white feathery fur and has a big butt. Eleven years ago, I saved her and then she saved me. What a blessed gift from above.

  9. I like your toy chicken Terry, I have an old jack in the box its about 50 yrs old and still in good working order. Your toy reminds me of my childhood days, toys were a lot diff back then.

  10. Looking out my window, Coffee in hand, watching the sunshine on the dew covered lawn and imagining all the fun I am going to have outside today in the garden with the Chickens by my side helping.

  11. Reminds me every time I see my chickens around a feeder, of the old toy that is like a paddle. The ones I have seen are made of wood, there are chicks on top, and a string that hangs down with a weight on it, through the middle. When you move the paddle, the string swings the weight, and the chicks peck, just like real ones do! Do you have one of those, Terry?

  12. I’m a knitter, and Monday’s the day I get together with half a dozen or so knitter friends. We knit and chat, and sometimes (like today) someone brings in a plate of cookies to add to the cheerfulness.