Prize Winners

I’ll be at the Northeastern Poultry Congress tomorrow, and of course, I’ll have my camera. A hundred years ago people were doing the same thing – going to poultry shows and taking photographs of the stunning, beautiful (and sometimes odd-looking) birds. Maybe there will be a mottled Houdan like this one.

25 - Version 2


  1. Oh! Can’t wait to see the pictures. Even though it is not a goat, that is a very nice looking chicken. :)

  2. I have to remember to bring my camera tomorrow, I didn’t think to bring it to the Oxford show. We’ll see you tomorrow at noon.

  3. The beautiful prizewinning bird may be saying, ” What’s this? I won a new waterer?”. Would be fun to see the detailing on the bowl .. ..

    • They don’t give away silver bowls like that anymore! I scanned and zoomed in on that bowl. The detail along the top is a hen with chicks. I have a collection of vintage poultry trophies, but none as lovely as the one in the photo. Top birds also won prize money – quite a lot!