Surround Yourself With Friends

Is there anything more calming and cheering than a flock of inquisitive, chuckling hens? I think not. Even in these busiest of days, give yourself permission to sit for awhile with your feathered girlfriends. A moment with the chickens recharges my tolerance level so that I’m able to go grocery shopping and not go crazy when I hear yet another tinny rendition of “The Little Drummer Boy.” Whatever it is that you find annoying, it will be less so after a calming session with hens.


  1. How very true! The worst for me right now is the short days, they are often in bed when I get home. Look forward to days off so I can spend time with them. They love it too! Sometimes I let them free range and go inside only to find them all on the back stoop waiting. Too cute!

  2. Yeah I hate the song The LIttle Drummer Boy, I won’t be surprised if the miltary used it for torture sessions. I much prefer to hear Silent Night.

  3. So true. I’ve been crazy busy the last week and event though it has only gotten up to 36 degrees today, when I was out collecting eggs and spreading some straw, I took a few minutes to just sit and hang out with the ladies and it was just what I needed!!

  4. I used to have chickens and I so enjoy coming to your site and watching your girls….it just makes me smile! Thanks so much for doing this and, yes, it makes any day a better day even if I just get to watch. Happy Holidays.

  5. I use the HenCam as a surrogate. That and my black cat Kipper who is snuggled into my leg at the moment really help.

  6. Same here, don’t have chickens but do have 9 cockatiels. I call them “my little chickies”. Life would be empty without them.

  7. My girls bring out the weird in me. And it’s SO fun!
    I miss them these days because I only have a few moments with them in the morning before work. By the time I get home, they are tucked in, but sometimes I still get a few coo’s from them when they hear my voice. But if anyone could hear us in the morning! Ha! My neighbors would surely call me the crazy chicken lady. ;)
    I love being able to see your ladies on the HenCam. Buffy’s my fave…she makes me smile.

  8. This photo is my inspiration! I want hens, to visit with and listen to. Rather than an aquarium I would much rather own a flock of hens! Hens you can pick up and cuddle – fish, not so much!