Mid-century Chicken

I’m in love with this mid-century chicken.

I found her on a set of paper coasters and napkins from this store on Etsy.

I do think it’s a hen. The tail is rooster-like, but she reminds me of my late, great and crazy Speckled Sussex, LuLu.

This turquoise and black beauty would make for some fun stationery. I’m also thinking of printing her image on an apron. What do you think?


  1. I’m thinking that’s a linocut waiting to happen…. is a bit roostery though, looks as though it’s really yelling!

  2. Oh yeah, it’s a hen. With the color they chose, she’s female. Pretty color too. It would definitely make a nice apron. Just center it on the front and you could use the same colors. Very nice.

  3. LOVE the colors and the print. Beautiful. Would make a fabulous apron!

  4. Wow! Would work great on a apron or other things. I like your image. I am learning haven’t purchased any of the heritage chickens, but would like to!

  5. Definitely a good design what with the ever increasing popularity of backyard chickens. I have kept chickens in lesser to greater numbers for the past 25 years (for 22 years in Western MA) and it’s amazing to me how many backyard flocks I come across in my current strolls through Berkeley and Oakland CA where we moved 3 years ago.