Sweet Vintage Photo

Postcards of children, chickens and eggs weren’t just for Easter. In the days before the telephone, a quick message would be conveyed on a postcard. Millions of cards were printed and mailed. But, some, like this sweetly sentimental one, were never sent. I imagine that it was tucked onto a shelf in the kitchen and glanced at occasionally, making the owner of it smile.


  1. Well, here we have one friend who seems a bit “HENpecked”(shy). No worries, a friend knows “EGG-actly” how to “ap-POACH” the situation.
    Sorry, Terry, I just could not resist. And I might add that I have to come to know of your site a few years now and love viewing HenCam and learning what it takes to care for them. You are good at what you do. Take care.

  2. Sorry, no puns. Oh how cute this is. The chicken and the egg and two adorable kids.

  3. “hey,I was here first!”…eggs-actly!….who said that?

  4. I’m getting anxious….my girls are 17 weeks….I’m envious of all the comments about eggs……we were at your class in June and I think you told me 18-22 weeks….I love to give treats like grapes and cantaloupe but I was wondering if sunflower seeds with the shell are bad for them, I think I read somewhere it was good for their feathers…