At The Flea Market

This is Brimfield week, when a tiny town in the middle of nowhere hosts one of the largest flea markets on the East Coast. Pastures become fields of booths, filled with just about anything old, dusty and damaged, precious and antique, and useless and weird. There are a only a few booths selling reproductions, and too many vendors selling repros without realizing it. You have to be careful. Prices can be very good, or way out of line. It’s that sort of place. I love it.

With so much to look at, it’s hard to sift through it all and find that one object of your desire. It’s good to go with an open mind and to stumble on something unexpected. But, it doesn’t hurt to have a focus. Mine, of course, is chickens. It seemed like everywhere I turned, there was something related to poultry.

Within the first ten minutes, I found these paper feed bags, which I though quite fitting, what with my previous post and the giveaway. They were only $2 each!

Those came home with me, but much didn’t. Like this feeder:

Just seeing and photographing it was enough for me. Who knew that feeders like this existed?

I liked seeing this globe waterer, too.

There were toys.

and games.

There were plenty of vintage items from Easters past.

I particularly liked this dapper chick.

He didn’t come home with me, but this plastic hen did.

The one item that I wanted, but did not buy, was this windmill weight. I love it’s modern lines, and the fact that the windmill could have had a boring block balancing weight, but had this rooster instead. Useful and quirky is right up my alley.

Should I go back tomorrow and see if it’s still there?


  1. I say YES! That is certainly not something you will find again anytime soon !

  2. Yes, yes, yes! Get it for the color alone!
    I have only been to Brimfield once, years ago, where I got a lovely little Amish rag doll, which I almost passed up because it was a lot of $$, but it was still there on the second day, so I nabbed it. Still one of my favorite things. I had such a good time there and spent so much money shipping things home—It’s just as well I live in Calif., where there are plenty of swap meets, but nothing like Brimfield.

  3. Yes, it’s every spring and fall – 3 days of antique extravanganza. We also have the Nutcracker market in Houston right before Thanksgiving.

  4. Terry, yes! Go early tomorrow so you can get it first thing. What a great place. Our so called “flea markets” here are nothing like this one. I even saw some items I’d like but can’t make the trip to get them. You go & get it!

  5. Yup, and the tin chicken would be on my list, too. Love Brimfield. Have not been in years. Gotta work on that.

  6. Love the egg tins.

    You must post pics of what you do with your treasures.

    There is a house I drive by every day on my way to work and you can see into the backyard. They put up a single section of two rail fence and on the top rail or a rooster and hen. The hen looks a lot like your hen. I must admit the first time my eye caught it I thought they were real.

  7. ummm….YES!

    Looks like you had a great time – such awesome stuff to look at too! Thanks for sharing. :)

  8. YES Go get that great windmill weight! (What the heck is a windmill weight?)

  9. I agree with my counterpart in No. CA… and what IS a windmill weight?