Three Friends. Maybe.

Years ago, it was rare for dogs and cats to spend their days inside. They lived in the yard and roamed freely about the farm, and if there were other animals on the property, they all knew each other. Although the denizens of the barn and fields didn’t come inside the house, there were some that attained status close to that of their furred companions. Perhaps they were not best friends, but they knew each other well enough to tolerate being photographed together for their person.

Any ideas for what that cat is thinking? Perhaps, “If I don’t look, they don’t exist” or “The dull, the loud, and me.”  What would you write in a thought bubble above that cat’s head?


  1. I can’t believe they are making me sit with these two dumbbells.

  2. “Oh please, please, please let me get down. Poor dog, he was only trying to soak in the sun. Talk about being Hen/rooster pecked. I really want my human to come save me!”

  3. “…and you thought the (F)Owl and the Pussycat had it “Ruff”

  4. “I distinctly asked for FIRST class…NOT steerage!”

  5. I can’t bear to look at that disgusting tick on that dog’s nose. When will this be over?

  6. Said Pussy Cat, “Well, check going London to visit the Queen off my bucket list….”