Position is Everything

Position in Life is Everything might not be your (or my) motto to live by, but it does apply to eggs.

This thermometer was a promotional and educational giveaway provided by the Institute of American Poultry Industries in the 1950s. Egg farms would have their names printed on the item, and they’d nail them to the wall of their barns.

I checked online, and Weaver Bros. remain in business. I’m sure that they still pack their eggs pointy end down, although I doubt that they still collect the eggs in baskets (it appears to be a caged operation.) While your eggs might be found in nest boxes or hidden in a pile of hay, it’s still good advice to collect them frequently and chill immediately. Cooling eggs and keeping them in your refrigerator remains the best way to keep them fresh. Read my FAQ for more about handling and storing eggs. That “pointy end down” advice is good too, as it’ll keep the yolk centered. I keep eggs in my refrigerator, in cartons, small end down. That is, when I can figure out which end is which. Tina lays an egg equally pointy on both ends, and Opal lays a huge round egg without a point at either end!


  1. Thanks for the great info. It will come in handy when our co op’s chickens start laying. Our second batch of chicks just arrived last week from Meyer’s :}