Happy Father’s Day

Greetings to all of you with fathers who have held you while standing amidst the chickens, and to those of you who are the men that did the holding. Thank-yous to fathers who have built coops, to those who have bought chicken feed, and to dads who have driven a hundred miles with chickens in the back of the car to go to a 4-H fair. Happy Father’s Day to dads who have never held a hen, but have held a child and crowed “cock-a-doodle-doo” while reading a story. Much appreciation to all dads who have enabled their children, one way or another, to have chickens in their lives.


  1. I love it! It makes me think of just last week when my husband was on chicken duty for a week and a half caring for our daughter’s hens while we girls were out of town, and of the coop he built for them. : )

  2. I love. love, love this new blog! Happy Father’s Day to your coop builder . . . .