Happy Birthday, Goat Boys!

About eight years ago I went to a fair in Maine and was totally smitten when I saw a stall full of Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats. I’ve been to countless fairs at which there are animals that I become enamored with. But I’ve never felt the urge to bring home an ox, a Belgian draft horse or a pig. This time it was different. I had to have a couple of goats in the backyard. I looked into it and I decided that I’d get wethers (neutered males), just two, just for pets.

I found a small breeder in Maine who gave me first dibs on that year’s babies. On this day, seven years ago, one of her favorite does had twins.

She sent me this photo of them.


Those were the ones for me. They arrived here on June 22, 2009.

It turns out that the neutered males are not as “miniature” as the females. Pip and Caper grew and grew.



They aren’t exactly the petite goats that I’d imagined.



That’s okay. They need all of their heft to contain their outsized personalities.

smiling pip

A very happy birthday to you, Goaties! And many more to come.


  1. Happy Birthday Pip and Caper!!
    I so much enjoy watching you on the cams(miss the one in your stall very much)
    Also love the pictures and stories your “Mom” posts!!
    Enjoy your day!

  2. Happy Birthday Boys. Adorable kids in a tub pic. Hope you get lots of treats, and have many more mischievous years ahead…:)

  3. Happy Birthday, boys! We hope you get something extra scrumptous to munch on today :)

  4. Happy birthday, Goaties! Thanks for all the giggles and grins. :-)

  5. It’s Pip and Caper’s birthday! Hooray!! I love love love those boys! Their antics delight me and their radically-happy personalities are such a joy. BTW what is the life expectancy of a goat?

  6. Happy birthday goat boys. We probably should start calling them goat men sometime soon…

  7. Goat boys forever! Happy birthday, Pip and Caper. If you have been really good, the Goat Maid might let you enjoy some rose brambles, raspberry canes, and peach bark.

  8. Happy birthday Pip and Caper! You were adorable kids in a tub! How fast you grew into such beautiful boys. Here’s to lots of treats, and many more happy years. :)