Dog Bliss

The sun is out. There’s nary a cloud in the sky. The paving stones have heated up.

Scooter says that all makes the perfect day.

Dog happiness.


I never get tired of seeing Scooter blissed out in the sun.

Lily doesn’t sunbathe, but she does wiggle on her back with all four in the air. See?


Are your animals having a good day today? Tell me about it! Let’s spread the joy.


  1. It is a blissful day here as well, for man and beasts. The sun is shining and there is a light breeze blowing the intoxicating scents of lilac, rugosa roses and azalea to every corner. The Montana clematis is a sparkling show of a mix of dark and light pinks and the buds of a host of other clematis are plumping up almost ready to add to the show. The snowball tree`s blooms are a mix of lime green and white as they approach their final show of pure white puffy balls of delight. The arch ways are supporting masses of eager rambling roses not far from flowering. Everything is a couple of weeks early this year. I am just eating an early lunch then heading outside again to join my animals… kick the cat off my reclining lawn chair, again, then get to work soaking it all in. Meanwhile I have a broody hen on a clutch that are due to hatch today. We will both hopefully be a first time mother`s of chicks born the natural way. Kind of a good day here. :)

  2. A day for shorts and a little pink on the arms. I’ve been happily planting things..onions, potatoes, coleworts. The hens are happy in their deep dusting holes. They only look skyward to watch the red-tailed hawk wheeling around overhead. Not a bit worried as the henkeeper is in the garden, only a few feet away, and ready to wave her arms to move the big scary bird to another hunting field. Pansies are smiling everywhere. Making sure the outside water containers are filled for hens too lazy to go inside to drink. Someone was in a hurry to get outside into the sunshine and took her egg with her to deposit in a shady dusting hole. Silly girl…but I understand.

  3. The clouds have chased the sun away today, but that’s okay. There will, hopefully, be rain tonight. We need it. Who thought to hear that from my lips when just three weeks ago I was slogging through the mud! :D But while the sun was here, kitties were sprawled throughout the house soaking up rays in whatever patch of sun they could find. Two of the four are mostly black and they literally get too hot to touch. How are they not cooked cats? :) My Ryder, like Lily, isn’t in to sunbathing. If we are outside, he believes we should be, “DOING SOMETHING, MOM!” Preferably at speed.

    The days are longer as well. And while my daughter and I were meandering through the yard last night as the birds were calling an end to the day, her sharp eyes spotted a hatched Robin’s egg in the grass under a tree. And there, not six feet above our heads, was a nest. I can’t wait to watch them grow. It’s officially spring here now. :)

  4. We too have had warm days this week! Our weather set new records for temps in April….I am loving it:)

  5. Ah, yes, sunshine and happy animals. Always a good combo…

  6. Great pic of Scotter. Refuse to talk about our weather, done to much off that all ready, ( can only get better eventually surely !! )……:)

  7. Here where I live (southeast Brazil) is sunny and warm in most part of the year. Today is one of these days. My four dogs love to sunbathe and Penny does this thing Lily does as well.
    The girls (hens) are also sunbathing and playing in the yard. I´m very grateful for living where I live. The weather here is fantastic and that make my days happy!

  8. Pricking out seedlings, pruning roses and transplanting tomato starts…all while being followed by two “me first”, “no! me first!” Jack Russells. If I stop too suddenly, they bump into the back of my legs. An almost perfect time of year. Full of promise and bursting with growth. Over the last few mornings, a Robin is busily constructing her quite substantial nest in the climbing roses that frame my front porch. She’s chosen the pillar 4′ from my front door, so the porch light has been shut off until her chicks have fledged and the mailman has been coached to move slowly and silently. All small prices to pay to be able to watch the whole miracle from just a few feet away. I’m with Scooter: it’s great to b alive.

  9. At last the SUN is shining, the Girls are out on the fresh spring grass, wonderful. They say we have a few dry days but will pay for it with frosty nights, so no planting out yet. Are you still getting frosts at night?

  10. I just saw your 2011 post about a raised asparagus bed. Was wondering how that worked out for you.
    Thanks, Diana