Frost and Ice

It’s a hazy late April morning.



At first glance, you’d think that we’re heading straight into summer. The cherry is in bloom.



But there’s frost on the grass.



I’ve set the patio pots out, but haven’t filled them yet. The child’s wheelbarrow is decorative and at some point will have training flowers and herbs in it. But not now. Right now there’s ice.



I’ve planted cool weather crops – kale and peas – and the carrots seeds will go in this week. But those warm weather veggies will have to wait another month.

Scooter says that the grass it damp and cold. This is a morning for doing his business quickly and getting back inside to his warm bed.


Personally, I think that these chilly late-spring days are ideal. There’s sunshine and flowers, but it’s too cold for gnats and mosquitos. And, I don’t yet have all of those gardening chores making me feel guilty that I’m not doing them!


  1. If there is a warm bed involved, I agree with Scooter that all Spring days are great days.

  2. I’m not so thrilled with frosty April mornings. We’ve had two and the frost killed off the new growth on my Thomas Graham rose bush. It’s starting to leaf out again, but should be much farther along than it is now. I’m hoping I’ll still get some blooms. *sigh*

    Curiosity got the cat. Does Scooter use Lily’s ramp or does he consider it beneath his dignity?

  3. Your cherry is beautiful, do you know which one it is ? I give up on our weather, the rain has eased, but now we have had sleet, snow and frosty nights and the wind is very cold its coming straight from the Arctic. Our fish pond has ice on it again. The ground is far to wet and cold to plant any seeds they would just rot, I am going to try starting some veg seeds of in pots in the greenhouse even though its not heated and see if they will start.
    Roll on Summer, I agree with Scooter a nice warm bed in this weather is appealing, but I like to cosy up in front of the log burner with a good book, Hope it warms up soon….:)

  4. Usually, in my adopted state of Georgia, cool weather veggies like kale, peas, lettuce, etc. are planted in Feb. We had no winter this year. I remember visiting a public garden in the neighborhood of the Red Lion Inn, Stockbridge, MA, in the 70s, where the woman said they had had a killing frost on June 18!

  5. I agree that this weather is lovely. A chill in the air makes for nice nature walks. And no gnats is a huge plus! I bought my snap pea seeds yesterday! Will be turning my soil this weekend.

  6. We have had snow here in Cheshire UK (can you believe it, we are nearly in May??!!). I am ready for some warmer weather now to get planting out. We have had frost the last couple of nights so am not risking doing my patio pots with summer flowers just yet (although I can’t wait). These days are so unpredictable – one minute nice sunny days and the next cold, rain, sleet and snow. Think the weather’s gone mad! Will have to be patient a little longer, I think. Regards.