Cure for the Common Cold

Are you finding it hard to shake a cold? Aches and pains, chills, cough, congestion?

Here’s a cure:

While you have a fever, do exactly what Scooter does.



When your temperature gets back to normal, but you still feel rotten, take one of these:



Stand with the horse’s warm fur on your cheek and the sun on your back.


You’ll feel better. I guarantee it.


  1. Animals, fresh air and sunshine are the best medicine.

  2. I am in Germaney on a business trip three days into a ten day trip i have come down with a realy bad cold/ fiu.
    I love And agree with your how to on the cold ,but i am unable to sleep more and although i do not have a “tonka” to rest my cheek on and feel the sun i do have llamas to do the same!! i agree this helps, but again I’m on a business trip and my “girls”are back in Ma. I’ll trudge through it and enjoy my “girls”all the more when i get home. Feel better Terry and thanks for all the great posts!! :)

    • Nothing worse than being sick while away from home. I’ll be taking a llama training/care course in September! Not because I’m getting llamas, but because working with other species is enlightening about one’s own. Are your llamas pasture pets? Guard llamas?

      • They are both they keep the sheep safe and are also my pets!

  3. Animals seem to be intuitively tuned to our health and moods. And we have to work so hard to be better attuned to them. Thanks for all the awareness that you pass along to us.

  4. I’ve always thought Scooter has life completely figured out. And there is no better feeling –or smell– than that of sun-warmed horse hide. Feel better, Terry. I’m still coughing away…

  5. Glad you are on the road to recovery, there is nothing better than pet pals for company when feeling unwell…:)

  6. I’ve always said there is nothing better than the smell of a horse to make you feel better!