April Snow

Last week the temperature rose to almost 70º F. Eager gardeners raked and tidied. Some bought pots of pansies, unable to resist the flowers at the garden centers.  I wasn’t one of them. This wasn’t because I worried about freezing nights, no, it was simply that I had other things to do. I try to get the cool weather crops of lettuce, kale and peas in by April 1, but this year the seed packets are sitting on the bench in the mudroom, reminding me to get to work. It’s a good thing that I ignored them. It’s snowing.

Snow in April is so pretty on the lawn that’s been greening up, and it outlines each branch of the beech trees almost making them look like they’re in bloom.


I’ll plant those seeds in a couple of weeks.


  1. This blog reminds me that `beauty is in the eye of the beholder`. I will freely admit that if I had awoke to that scene here today, I would not have found it a pleasant sight. I will however agree that since it is at your side of the country, it is very beautiful! :) And you are right….there are things in life that we just don`t have control of, so learning to look for the positive is priceless. Hope you get to play in your garden very soon.

  2. Very very pretty, just not to deep or last to long. Also please don’t send it our way still clearing up from storm Katie !! Hope it clears soon with no lasting damage so you can get in the garden…:)

  3. It is very pretty, especially with some blue sky behind it. We have had no snow at all in the south east this winter, I’ve just had to tune in and enjoy yours!

  4. Tuesday morning. You’re at 22 degrees and looks like you got a good 6 inches. Good grief. Go back to Canada, jet stream! We’re so ready for warmth in the Northeast.