The Beast Awakens

The Beast and her minions live year-round in the small pond in the backyard. There’s a pump that circulates water. Even in the depths of winter when the surface is frozen, there’s aerated and clean flowing water for the fish. When it gets cold Koi go into a state of suspended animation. They barely move. The Beast is twelve years old. She’s a savvy fish, and knows that when she slows down, she needs to stay safely in the cave under the big rock. A sure sign that spring has arrived is when she moves out of the shadows.

beast swims


When the water is frigid, koi can’t, and shouldn’t, eat. So, even when the fish reappear, we don’t feed them until we make sure that the pond is the right temperature.

pond temp


The other day it got above 50º F. It’s still chilly, so we feed a cool weather ration.

feed koi


I’d be hungry, too, if I hadn’t eaten for months!

Beast eats


  1. LOVE that you take such good care of.. well .. everything.. but especially the beast!

  2. Hello Beast! What a great pic of the Beast enjoying her snack. What is the life expectancy of Koi?

  3. I never get tired of learning more about the care taking of various plants, animals, birds and fishes. Thanks, Terry.

  4. Still getting some ice on our pond, water to cold to feed yet. Your water is beautifully clear, we have a major problem with blanket weed which clogs up our filters and pump. We are going to do a major strip out of the pond this year and try and clean as much off the weed away as we can, we have some wonderful big lily’s and want to keep them if we can. We have been recommended a eco friendly treatment so will use that as well once the pond is up and running properly. We have a mixture od Goldfish and Koi some are over 15 years old and about 18″ long. The big Koi are so gently they feed from your hand…:)

  5. Interesting. I haven’t seen hide nor hair of my koi or goldfish