A Satisfied Rabbit

Phoebe does not miss living with the hens. Not one whit.

She keeps her barn very tidy. She uses the corner litter box. She carefully eats up her rabbit pellets – none drop on the floor. When Phoebe comes in at night (to stay safe from predators we latch her door behind her) she gets something special, like half an apple, or carrot, or piece of raw butternut squash. She expects these things as her due. Try giving her something she doesn’t like, such as a dried apricot, and you will see what an outraged bunny expression is!

Mostly, I think, Phoebe relishes the peace and quiet of her own spacious and clean abode. Rabbits like to nap. Sometimes she sleeps in a nesting box, sometimes in the corner. Sometimes she sleeps in her hay pile.


We won’t be getting chicks this year. Phoebe has claimed this coop as her own.


  1. Phoebe’s seems really content, it will be interesting to see what will happen when you get new chicks at a later date…:)

  2. I love Phoebe, she’s so pretty! She seems really happy there! I love to see a rabbit not cooped up in a tiny hutch, those rabbits always look so sad. She’s definitely a happy, spoiled little bun. :)

  3. Spoiled little girl. I love that she’s so happy, but will miss the excitement of new chicks. :(
    Do you anticipate your girls will produce enough eggs for your family this coming year? It seems production has dropped a bit.

    • Last year I had excess and could share with friends. This year we’ll have enough for us with perhaps a few extras.

  4. Terry, do you ever consider getting Phoebe another doe as a companion? I’ve owned a bunny in the past, but don’t claim to be an expert on their social needs. Mine was an adolescent dwarf female (she didn’t sell as an under the tree Christmas gift…don’t get me started) and was in a carrier waiting to be picked up by an exotics breeder as dinner for a python. I know snakes have to eat too, I really do, but I couldn’t take it and bought her, then spent weeks educating myself on their needs. I had her, alone, for years. Like Phoebe, she got lots of running room and never had to sit on wire. I still miss watching “Bunny High Kicks” and “Bunny Zoomies”, which were always so hilarious. Do two do better than one? Are they solitary or happier in small groups? Your Phoebe reminds me of your Scooter, i.e., very wise about finding her sweet spot, be it basking in the sun, or nestled in her hay box.

    • Rabbits do like other rabbit companions, although I’ve had previous bunnies that seemed happy in their enriched environments with lots of human and other species interactions. I got Phoebe as a rescue, and she was already living alone. Phoebe seems playful, active and healthy, and I’d be concerned about introducing another rabbit at her age. But for people thinking about getting a pet rabbit- two might be more fun for everyone involved.

  5. A very lucky bunny indeed – All animals deserve to be that happy. Looks like Steve could be building a new coup for next years’ chicks, perhaps? Kind regards, Louise Cheshire UK

  6. My granddaughter and I look at this website all the time together but Phoebe is her favorite. Kind of goes hand in hand with being 6 years old. Plus she loves her name. She has now named one of her stuffed bunnies Phoebe. We have to check on Phoebe’s status every day after school.