Good Outing/Bad Outing

The words good and bad are defined by those who use them.

The weather hit that sweet spot of almost 60º F. It’s warm in the sun but not too hot. It’s too early for biting insects, but late enough that the ground is soft. We can all agree that this is good.

The daffodils are pushing through the ground. The chickens have old leaves in the tangle of raspberry canes to scratch through. That’s good.



One chicken enjoying the dirt at the edge of the barn is good.

one hen


But, a half-dozen turning that slight strip of exposed soil into a wide swath of flying dust? The chickens say, the more the merrier. I call that bad.



The Goat Boys had an outing. Eating weeds and thorny runner vines in the meadow? We all agree that is good.

goats graze


Scratching itchy heads on the peach tree trunk is good, too.

head scratch


Eating the decorative cherry bush? That’s bad. At least I say it is.

goats eat


Lano says that rolling in the dirt is good. His owner has another word for it.



Tonka says that a walk in the woods on such a day is as good as it gets. That I agree with.

woods walk


Scooter doesn’t think that this weather is perfect. It’s not yet hot enough to sunbathe outside, however, he knows how to make the day very good indeed.

Scooter on stairs


  1. So Caper understands that ornamental cherry branches are best decorating his interior? Of course!!

  2. Thoughtful theme…made me think about what is good and what is bad…..spring is around the corner and that is good!

  3. Scooter looks positively angelic with that lighting. And I quite like Lano’s naughty, dirty side. (It’s a grey horse’s job to get dirty, you know.)

  4. Scooter is such a wise little dog. He knows how to make the best of everything. Good to see the goat boys doing fun stuff.

  5. Wonderful Happy pics. Lovely to see everyone enjoying themselves, where’s Lily and Phoebe’s.

    Terry, off blog do you start your veg off in the greenhouse and is it heated, or do you plant directly in the ground ?
    I am interested as I am cleaning my greenhouse ready to start early low temp veg, I do not heat mine.

    • No greenhouse. I put the seeds for cool weather veg, like kale, in the ground around … now. Better get to it!

  6. Please say thankyou to Steve IT Guy for getting Temperature back.
    Love your blue stair carpet in the sun, great shade of colour….:)

  7. Same temperatures here on the coast, but the ticks are out in full force. We’ve both had to “tick pick” after doing yard cleanup. Be vigilant!

  8. The photo of the hens bathing next to the barn was the scene at my house last evening, not next to their coop but my house. BAD!!!!!!
    I will be buying dirt this spring to fill the craters they have created.
    I have to figure out a way to stop it.

    • FIRST you figure out how to keep them away from the house, then you fill up the dirt, otherwise you know what a waste of time and money that will be :)

  9. Bet I know what Lano’s owner calls his mud rolling! :D The temps are beautiful, but we’re dealing with high winds here. That’s Bad. But for now, I’ve cracked the window despite the wind so I can hear bird song and squirrel warfare while eating and reading a blog with cute and adorable critters in it. (Hugs to Scooter!) I even have a cat in the window. All that is Very Good indeed!

  10. Enjoyed the pictures! Wondering how you set up the outdoor sink that is next to one of the barns in one of the pics, and what it is made of. I’d like to do that but can’t figure out the drainage…

    • It’s a old school lab sink with vintage sink legs. Useful for putting things in/cleaning things. We just have gravel underneath – no real drainage because it’s not used a lot. It does have running water in the warm months that come out of a typical outdoor spigot.

  11. Great pictures of the farm. Everyone is giddy with the anticipation of Spring. Scooter just showing off how smart he is……finding a sunny warm spot whether it is Spring or not. He is just a little Sun Dog:)