Signs of Spring

This winter has been the exact opposite of our the snowbound freezer that we survived last year. Yesterday the temperature reached up to 60º F. Tonight the thermometer will plummet to a more seasonal 12º. If the temp can’t tell me where we are in the season, the animals can.

Yesterday, neither Tonka nor I could bear to do our exercises in the indoor ring. Instead we walked about outside. The ground was visible. There were only patches of slush and ice. I unzipped my jacket. He stretched out and relaxed.



Bare ground, though, is not a predictor of spring. It’s typical to get a thaw. Heavy snows can still follow. But, I do trust the sign of flying fur. Tonka is shedding, as are the goats. For winter, the Boys grow a long outer coat and a soft, dense under-lining. When it sheds, it sticks to everything. Today I’m going out to buy lint rollers, (in a six-pack !) which this time of year I keep in my truck and at the back door.

shedding goat


The best sign of spring though, is this. The Beast. Alive and well. During the winter she has been in a state of suspended animation in the safety of her cave. This week she made a showing. Spring is definitely around the corner.



  1. Yeah, the fur is flying here as well. 4 cats and a dog at my house right now. I feel like I’m living in a fur cave. Too bad I don’t know how to spin. Bet I could get a pair or two of gloves and a hat out of these guys.

    And it’s light till 6 now!

  2. Wonderful to see everybody enjoying themselves. The Ladies were having a lovely time when you let them out to scratch around the other day. Was also pleased to finally see Phoebe’s outside, she seems to like to spend more time in the barn as she is no longer bothered by the hens..:)

  3. A few days ago, I saw the first sandhill cranes flying north, always makes me happy because I know spring is not far behind.

  4. I think the first sweet smelling pink blossoms opening on the 3 ornamental plum trees that front our property are a sure sign of spring. That and leaving the house without a jacket and an extra pep in my stride, spell it out fairly clearly. :)

  5. I love the spring but the heat of summer is just too much to bear in North Carolina. I bet Phoebe wishes there had been more snow this winter.

  6. Yesterday there was a blackbird at my feeder. I’m looking and listening for the Red Wing Blackbirds…..a sure sign that spring is here! We still have snow on the ground.

  7. I hope spring comes soon! It’s always cold and rainy/snowy in Sweden in the winter! I love watching your girls pecking around. :)

    I was wondering, what are the dimensions of the chicken’s living space in the barn you have your 14 girls in right now? In the future, I plan to have a similar setup to yours, with about 20 hens. Obviously I would go bigger to accommodate more birds, but I am interested in the dimensions of yours as a starting point!