Selfies with Goats

Everyone really liked my Selfies with Tonka post, so I thought I’d take selfies with the goats.

The Goat Boys, as ever, added a bit of chaos and spontaneity to the endeavor.



Caper said that if he could show off his beard, he’d cooperate (as much as a goat cooperates.)

Caper and Terry


Pip agreed to pose if I gave him scratches, in the right places, of course. This is his happy face.

goat selfie Pip


Pip, ever polite, says thank you.

Pip and Terry


  1. I love Pip’s little beauty mark on his upper lip. Really cute selfies :)

  2. Goats always look like they have a secret and are giggling at you behind your back. That little smile…

  3. These are great. The boys obviously have a great amount of personality!

  4. Yes LOVED the horse selfies and so happy to see these! How funny! Your goats are too cute!! :)

  5. I think in the last photo with PIp is saying ” l REALLY LOVE my Mom!!