Just for Fun

I have a collection of vintage chicken-themed items. Most were purchased as props for my books. Most are in storage. They’re too fun to be left in boxes, but I have too many to use as decor in my house. I do have a few carefully curated decorative hens on display, but I don’t want this to look like the home of a crazy chicken lady! So, I’m selling off some of my stuff on eBay so it can be appreciated by others.

I love the mid-century colors and design of this coaster and napkin set.



Someone, surely, has a use for these decals.



What about these vintage Hallmark cards with real feathers? Totally charming!



My favorite item that I’m letting go of is this tea kettle.

kettle left


Just look at that face.

kettle rooster whistle


I’ve never risked using it – I think that plastic would melt on my gas cooktop. I’ve nowhere to display it in my kitchen. What about putting it in yours?

This is the listing for the tea kettle.

All of the other items (including more vintage paper napkins and an embroidery decal) are here.

If you do decide to bid and then win, let me know that you’re a reader of this blog – I’ll tuck a few extras into the box for you.


  1. I think that kettle would survive use. The body looks like it was built to be used, not just looked at.

    I had a problem with my teapots and mugs and candle stuff. All of it usable, but my house is so small and things were just jumbled together all over the place and stuff wasn’t getting used. And then I read about a seasons’ table celebrating nature as the year past and that segued into ‘monthly boxes’. I dug everything out and what I wanted to keep I divided up into months and boxed them. So every month I change things out and I get to use and enjoy everything without major clutter upstairs.

  2. I like the decals! I don’t know if I’d be able to bid on them, but they are cute. I think the kettle might not be as fragile as you think, but like you say, there is a limit to how much decorative ‘stuff’ you can have in a place. (Says the one who is presently trying to figure out how to find the floor in one of my rooms…)

  3. Wonderful items, I especially like the Hallmark cards. I was reading your site and it says you only ship to USA can you confirm that please. Thanks…:)

  4. Terry, will you only sell via eBay? I’m interested in the vintage collection but I’m somewhat inexperienced with using eBay. Midcentury is totally my motif!