Egg Cup Candles

Steve and a good friend, Ken, are from the South. On New Year’s day they have to have Hopping John – black eyed peas and rice – which is supposed to bring good luck. I promised them a batch. I altered this recipe a bit, and added homegrown black turtle beans, so that we Northeners would have good luck, too. Hopping John is easier to make in quantity, so I invited a dozen people over for a buffet late lunch. At the last minute, while setting out the food, I thought that the counter looked blah. Not at all as festive as a New Years party should be. I had a moment of inspiration, pulled out some egg cups and set tea light candles into them.

egg cup candles



buffet candles


A bright way to start 2016!



  1. And it was excellent Hopping John, as well – the leftovers you sent me home with were jealously guarded until I could eat them the next day!

    Thanks again, and happy new year to you all

  2. Inspired indeed! What a good idea, looks lovely. So is 2nd January ‘windy’ every year in the south?
    Thank you for the reassurance re Phoebe, I had never noticed before just how much slower the thaw is outside of the Little Barn.

  3. Very festive I also improvise with holders. I have one of the china tiered egg holders which is very effective with tea lights in and a bit of any greenery round base. Glad your New Year went well….:)

  4. We had our black eyed peas, greens, and cornbread here in the Smoky Mountains on New Year’s Day. Love the egg cups. The red one is beautiful. Great idea

  5. See, I would have worried the heat from the tealights would crack the egg cups. What a lovely collection!

    Around here it’s pork, pork, and more pork for good luck. My family never had a food tradition, I inherited this from my husband. Fortunately he makes a pork roast to die for. :D

  6. Our traditional food around the holidays is savory pork pie. It’s delicious with some cheddar cheese on top!

  7. Your egg cups are beautiful! I like how you combined lucky traditions for the North and South. I made a pork chili with black-eyed peas and sweet potatoes. Happy New Year!

  8. I have a collection of chicken figures, they are all over the house! I have now have a desire for egg cup collecting, It looks so beautiful!

  9. How fitting that you, of all people, would have eight zillion egg cups!