Positive Reinforcement Horse Clinic

I haven’t had much time to sit at the computer blogging. I’ve been busy doing things like this:

happy Hayden


Here I’m teaching a client how to bond and communicate with her Morgan gelding via grooming. It’s happy-making work. Once this horse was relaxed and paying attention, the owner tacked up and I helped to finesse her aids and clarify communication to the horse so that he could move enthusiastically and in sync with her.

On January 30, I’m brining this approach to horse training to Connecticut. For more details, go here.

flyer for horse clinic jpeg

As I write this, it’s 10º F. I’m bundling up. I’ve got more work to do.


  1. All the best with the Clinic, your courses are great, wish we had some one like you in the UK your understanding of horses is spot on.
    So very saddened by the terrible fire that killed all those wonderful horses in Puslinch, may they all rest in peace.