Donkey Time

Remember when I said that I’d like to have a Long Ears in my life? I still don’t have one of my own, but I now get to visit with a burro several days a week.

At the beginning of January, Poh was adopted by the owners of River Front Farm, a stable where I have a couple of Lusitano gelding clients. Poh is of indeterminate age (ten?) and is shy of humans. At some point in his former history he learned that wherever a human wants him to go is probably not a good place, Poh has an amazing set of brakes on him. However, Poh has already decided that RFF is home, and that he’s in charge of all of the horses. He’s madly in love with one mare, so he gets to hang out with her, even when she’s in a riding lesson.

donkey in ring

What’s especially charming and sweet about this photograph is that the instructor, the great Karl Mikolka, (who is now in his eighties and as active, demanding, and humorous as ever) was the chief rider at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. I doubt he had to conduct a lesson with a donkey in the ring there.


  1. Oh! We need some up close shots of Poh! After my own love affair with a Sicilian Donkey, I must know more about Poh! ( I am also swooning over even a mention of Karl. The last time I saw a performance at the School, I cried like an idiot through the whole thing.)

  2. What a great picture and story. I am so happy for Poh. All animals need love and respect.

  3. Wonderful story. Where I live in the New Forest we have lots of Donkeys as well as Horses roaming free, wonderful to see and they love to come up to you and say hello..:)

  4. Terry re last blog, checked with Jess ponies do have drier ground they can use as the paddocks are sloped so they don’t have to go in the mud they just seem to want to..:)

  5. That’s awesome! I’m glad that Poh has found a home where he is understood.

  6. Lucky Poh!! I have always wanted a donkey, want to name it Nestor as in “Nestor the long eared Christmas Donkey” Have you ever seen that one?

  7. I agree with Tracy, we do need some close up pictures of Poh – what a lovely, sweet story with a happy ending.

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  10. I have had of love of donkeys since I wasa child. I dream of having a few. Lol alas not enough room. Have to stick with the chickens.

  11. Hi Steve, just to let you know seems to be working okay this morning, thanks..:)

  12. I’m wondering how the mare that Poh loves adjusted to him being around. Does she like him back?