A Windy and Cold Day

The wind is whipping around and it’s bitterly cold. But animals still need to be paid attention to. Steve shoveled the snow off the chickens’ ramp this morning, though I doubt they’ll want to go out. Wind ruffles feathers and the cold hits their skin. They’ll stay inside today, I think. I can’t stay in, I’ve got two horses to go see. It takes more time to care for animals when one has to bundle up, move slowly, and then thaw out. So, with little time to blog, I’ve pulled out this photo from my collection to share. This expresses why I do the work that I do.

255 A - Version 2


  1. Friends! Did you get your first pony/horse when you were a little girl? When did the horse bug hit you? My daughter was about the same age as the little girl in the picture. She would muck out stalls for riding lessons, and joined a 4H horse program the following year. What is it with little girls and horses?

  2. When I was 12, I wanted to marry my horse. Lasted until I was about 30…

  3. Keep Warm. Jess has been struggling with the relentless rain and mud for the last 3 months, she has to clean the paddocks as well as the stables before grooming the ponies. As she is only 13 we thought she might give up but she loves the riding she gets to do at weekends which is her payment for the work…She cleans every day after school but its to dark to ride by the time she’s finished, they do not have an indoor area which is a shame. The ponies were reared on the Forest so are used to the weather and conditions, not so us humans..:)

    • Mud is worse than frozen ground, and although the ponies are sturdy, out in the Forest they could find solid ground. Wet weather is difficult for humans and horses alike.

  4. Terry forgot to ask is the big plastic storage box there new dust bath ?