Thanksgiving Squash for Hens

Last week I had a bit of a Martha Stewart Moment. I typically don’t go in for the sort of extravagant creations that this decorating maven is known for. But, awhile back, in a style magazine I saw an idea that I liked – using gourds for vases filled with flowers, I used that inspired idea and changed it up a bit. I bought three buttercup squashes, three small pots of fresh herbs, and some delicate cut flowers. I lopped the tops off of the squash, removed the mushy seeds and strings and scraped them out just enough so that the pots of herbs fit in the centers without tipping. I lined them with tin foil, which held water long enough so that I could add the flowers, which would then stay fresh for the Pie Party.

It took more work that I anticipated, but I loved the result.

squash vase


If I do say so myself, I think they’re the prettiest Thanksgiving centerpieces I’ve ever made.



I selected squash, not gourds, because I was thinking about what would happen to them after the party. I knew who’d appreciate them after the flowers wilted. Happy Belated Thanksgiving, Ladies!



  1. They look so pretty and yes your girls really enjoyed them!! I will have to remember this!

  2. Stunning! I hate waste too! ;)
    The ladies are loving the belated celebration!

  3. Those Martha Stewart moments are so satisfying….Did someone you know build your beautiful table? I love all the colourful swirls from the wood grain! It looks like a great place to host a feast for hoards of hungry people. Mind you the hens don`t seem unhappy with their less elegant spread, do they?

  4. They look lovely Terry! I might try something similar for Christmas. Birch bark works well for encircling a small pot or vase of flowers as well. The woods seem to have many fallen birches to strip some bark from, and it naturally curls so it’s easy to use and save for next time. I’ve used it with red carnations and apricot roses. The contrast is very striking.

  5. These are beautiful. I love fresh flowers. I grow zinnias in the summer and have a constant supply of fresh flowers for the house. You know the old saying “Mirror, Mirror on the wall I turned out like my mother after all.” My mother always had fresh flowers in the house. Tradition!

  6. Lovely! It would never have occurred to me to use squash as a flower vase. (And I envy you your cleanup crew! :) )

  7. Love the centerpieces. I always love things made of natural materials, and clever use of nature’s amazing colors. How very autumnal of you, Terry!

  8. The squash centerpieces are truly beautiful. Love the green and white stripe along with the wispy thyme and flowers. I just might be inspired enough to try that out for myself. Since I don’t have chickens (sigh…) I am not above roasting them later. The squash, not the chickens. Thanks for the idea. Glad the pie party was such a success again.

  9. What pretty centerpieces! I’m going to remember them for next fall. You could do this with little pumpkins and fall colored flowers too, maybe. Did the girls get the yummy seeds when you scraped the squash out?

  10. Wonderful idea, they look amazing. will have to have a try. thanks for sharing…:)

  11. Terry forgot to ask, do all your baking flour’s have such wonderful names. You use King Arthur and I was watching a US tv prog and saw a sign for Robin Hood flour. I am intrigued by these names especially as they are from UK and yet we have basic names and even if it comes from a small mill or organic the most original name we get is of the name of the village it was produced in…:)

      • And the company is 100% employee owned. I just wish I lived back in New England so I could visit their store. Not too often or the bank account would really suffer!

  12. Floral Designer can now be added to your resume! Great idea, beautiful arrangements for the season and holiday.

  13. Very interesting link, but still did not give me the connection with England. Did some more research and found. British Troops landed on Boston’s Long Wharf in 1768.
    Henry Wood started importing flour from England in 1790.
    Originally called Sands, Taylor and Woods Company . King Arthur flour first milled by them in1896.
    Changed name and went from strength to strength, I gather inspiration for name came from a Boston Musical of King Arthur & the Knights of the Round Table.
    Very absorbing reading and I found my connection….:)

  14. I LOVE your centerpieces!! I think they turned out perfect! Years ago, before I had chickens, I saw a similar idea using small gourds to hold candles. They were very challenging to cut into, but turned out great! You’ve inspired me to do something similar for Christmas this year. Thank you, Terry!