Holiday Card

I’ve collected hundreds of vintage photographs of people and their animals, and this image of a child pulling a wagon with his rooster and hens through the snow is one of my absolute favorites.


The clothing is hand-me-down. The coat is too small and the boots are too big. But that boy and his rooster are set for adventure!

Are you looking for a holiday card that expresses your joy during this season and your love of chickens? (After all, joy and chickens go hand-in-hand!) I’ve turned this image into a card. It’s available to purchase here.

Also, a gentle reminder – if you start your on-line shopping via the Amazon link on my HenCam homepage, I get a small % of the sales, and it costs you nothing extra. Doing this keeps the HenCam going. Thanks!


  1. Amazing picture C: I love it. So cute. You always inspire me and make me happy with the stuff you post on here :D

  2. What’s really sweet, especially given the times, is that those chickens have spent time with their people or person. Being pulled in the snow like that would not be a smooth ride and yet no one is flapping or upset. I think they’ve been on adventures before. Love it. Thanks for the smile!

  3. Wonderful picture. Brings back very fond memories of 60 years ago when I lived my latter childhood in a very small town in North Alaska, Canada. There was a General Store that sold everything, a School Hall and a Church. ( Imagine The Waltons with snow ) We used to have deep snow for months and months, we would put the Hens in the big barn with the other animals for the winter otherwise they would freeze. I used to have a sleigh that was pulled by our dogs to get around and go to school on, I was the youngest of 8 children so well used to hand me downs. My Dad or ‘Pop’ as I always called him used to take me hunting and fishing, in the winter we would cut a hole in the creek and the ice would be 1 foot thick. We always had loads of wild horses by us which we would feed with our spare hay in the winter, some would become very tame. It must have been a very hard time for my parents but I loved every moment of it.
    Thankyou for bringing back such wonderful memories, I wish I knew how to send you some of the images I have been looking through. Sorry for going on a bit….:)

    • Sorry, should read North Alberta not Alaska, grandkids under my feet mind in a whirl..:)

    • What wonderful and interesting memories to share! I hope that you’ve written and/or recorded your story for your family. If not, that would make the best holiday gift for them.

  4. The family have seen the photo’s and heard many stories, but i have not recorded anything, photo’s do have captions on them. I will try and photo some of the pics and see if the kids can email them to you, but I am not very hopeful. I think you would enjoy them…:)