Not Much

There’s not much to report here. When you have animals, that’s a good thing.

The weather has been mild. Still, it is winter and the pond has a growing sheet of ice.



The fish are in suspended animation, but the grass remains green, and the goats and hens are still able to have outings. The goats are wearing their heavy winter coats. These Nigerian Dwarf goats do seem impervious to weather. In the summer they handle hot temperatures with ease, and in the winter they don’t seem to notice it when the thermometer is in the single digits. It’s this between seasons time that I worry. So far, though, they don’t seem to mind being overdressed for the weather.



The hens have settled into one cohesive and peaceful flock. I don’t see any conflicts or dominance posturing beyond an occasional wing flap when treats are tossed.



Phoebe is ever so happy to have the Little Barn to herself. She has frequent hop-arounds with the goats.



Lily is showing her age. She’s developed a bit of a hearing loss and doesn’t always notice when I come home. For the first time in 12 years, she’s not always there to greet me at the door. But she’s still letting me know when the UPS truck drives by.



And Scooter? He does what he always does.



So, “not much to report” is good news, indeed. Wishing you a “not much to report” end of 2015 and a very Happy New Year!


  1. Happy holidays Terry + animals!! Cute pictures C: Glad to hear a good report!!!

  2. Well, it’s like the condemned man said when they couldn’t find a rope with which to hang him:

    “No noose is good noose!”

  3. You are so right about nothing to report being a good thing. It’s great when all goes smoothly. Scooter as always does his job of just looking so cute.

  4. Peace Joy and Love to you and “all” your family.

    Thank you for giving all of that and more to your hen cam family!

  5. Thankyou for all the updates. so glad everything is running smoothly. Best Wishes, Have a very Happy Christmas and a Great New Year…:)
    I will be interested to see your egg count when you do it, I have done one for the first time this year, my Girls are the same age as your Ladies.
    All the best for 2016…:)

  6. Always a great thing when there is no animal crisis in one’s home. My granddaughter is visiting today and the dogs love it. She really brings out the puppy in them – even my ten year old Golden Retriever. Tennis ball throwing is the name of the game. Have a beautiful and peaceful Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year. Thank you for this wonderful site. Not a day goes by I don’t login to check on the comings and goings of all the animals that would four-legged and two-legged.

  7. Nothing makes me happier than seeing dogs relaxing on their clean, warm, thick, soft beds in doors on chilly days. Unless it’s goats with full bellies, bright eyes, good manners and thick winter coats. Or, possibly bunnies and hens in full coat or feather, at liberty in a safe environment, pecking away or hopping about, not a care in the world. Even the beast and her minions live in a crystal clear pond, well protected for the winter. Well done, Terry.

  8. that’s our situation too. even our weather is same ol’ same ol’ . and i’m glad. is a slight problem with all of the pets (2 cats and one dog). they have had so much of the same things going on at the same time that they have set a schedule and if i am late for doing whatever they let me know to get with the program now. mom. kinda like they’re the bosses, i’m the employee! happy thoughts to everyone. jean

  9. Great pictures. But the goat boys are lying down on the job, I think. Aren’t they supposed to lend drama to the scene? Happy holidays and much joy in the new year.