I never tire of pie. Not the baking, nor the eating. Which is why my Thanksgiving tradition doesn’t include turkey and the fixings. It’s just pie. This year, three dozen people came to my home for my annual Pie Party. I made 19 pies. 25 crusts (a classic butter rolled-out crust and graham.) I followed a few recipes. most that I’ve created, but also some from books and magazines. Inevitably, there’s a pie that I invent on the fly. This year it was the layered lemon, cream cheese and cherry pie.

There were two savory pies, a Corn, Tomato and Cheddar Tart, and an Onion and Gruyere pie. These were made with homegrown red onions.

corn pie


onion tart


Also made with homegrown ingredients was the Peach Pie with Dried Apricots. I can’t grow apricots, but this year was a bumper crop for my one peach tree. It had a walnut and oat crumb topping.

peach pie


There were apple pies made with locally-grown heirloom apples. One with a top crust, the other with an almond and ginger crumble.



pear pie


Every year I make a Toll House Pie, which is like a big chocolate chip cookie. Except it’s better, because there’s pie crust. This year I also made a Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie. That was like a big chocolate chip cookie, but for adults. Not all of the bourbon bakes off.

toll house


There was also Lemon Pie, Chocolate Pie, Raspberry Cream Cheese Pie, and that Cherry Invention. I set 8 pies out at a time, and as they’re finished, replenish the array.



I made enough pies so that my son could take one back to Detroit (where he’s in college) and for us to have leftovers. But none of the savory pies remain. I might just have to make another pie…


  1. YUMMY-YUMMY-YUMMY, my family love your pie recipes I make. Glad all went well and you had a great time…:)

  2. I made some of your quiches from The Farmstead Egg Guide and Cookbook – Love it and use it a lot, most often gatherings and holidays. It makes a nice a gift, especially given with a dozen local fresh eggs – so Thank You for writing it and it looks like it was a nice holiday – with Great Pies!!!!

  3. Oh my, all your pies sound mighty tasty Terry! I’m inspired to make one of my favorites: Dutch Apple from an old (1955) Mennonite cookbook I treasure – just the thing for a cold rainy day!

  4. Drool…. that array looks soooo yummy! And quiche! I haven’t made quiche in a bit. Hmmm… maybe for dinner one night this week… I made your quiche recipe for Christmas last year. My BFF is a vegetarian so I always cook something she can eat. She liked it! Do you think the recipe will hold up if I use mushrooms in place of the herbs?

  5. A holiday pie party is such a good idea. And yours looks like it was a hit. I do love the savory ones and what’s not to love about onion and Gruyere? Or pie crust in general? My dear friend Tim tells me there is no problem too big that it cannot be tackled and conquered as long as there is enough good, hot coffee…and pie. I think he has a point. I’m thankful for this blog and your intelligent observations and thoughts, Terry. Well, and the goat boys, of course…

  6. That corn and tomato tart looks incredible! Sounds like you and your guests had a wonderful time. :)

  7. I have been waiting for the pie pictures. YUM! Our friends had their wedding at their farm this past Saturday. It was a beautiful setting, and the weather cooperated as it was outdoors. Even the chickens were in attendance. The bride did not have a traditional wedding cake instead she had a pie table. Anyone who wanted to bake a pie could. It was quite a sight to see all the beautiful pies. I baked a buttermilk lemon pie, my grandmothers recipe and a savory goat cheese and red onion tart. It was so much fun to see everyone sampling little bits of them all. Your pies looked heavenly as always!

  8. I just love the idea of a Pie Party! I enjoy reading your pie menu and salivating at the pictures of your tempting creations! I’ll take a Peach Pies or Pear and Cranberry….lol! ALL look delicious!