Twiggy Takes a Break

Finally! Twiggy, the White Leghorn, has stopped laying.

Twiggy is as active as ever.

foraging hens


And just as voracious.



I don’t see signs of a molt – no white feathers. No pin feathers coming in. I guess this is as much a break as she takes. We’ll see how long it lasts. I don’t expect to see one of her white eggs until February, but you never know with this hen.

Scooter shows no such hesitation at reducing his activity level. When he goes out in the morning, he tip-toes over the frosted leaves. Scooter has already enacted his winter plan.

dog curled up


  1. Scooter is so cute!!!! C: Yay, Twiggy gets her long-deserved break!!!

  2. So pleased Twiggy is having a rest. My 2 Magpies are still laying nearly everyday, one has molted one hasn’t. I hope they will stop as their egg quality & shell is suffering. I think they must be a Hybrid as they have not stopped laying in the 2 years I have had them. My other 4, 2x RIR. 1 Buff Sussex and 1 Welsummer are classed as rare breeds they stop laying when they molted and will not lay again till next spring so get a good rest and it shows in the egg quality
    Happy Thanksgiving for tomorrow. Have a great day and party…:)

  3. She still has a red comb and even her tail feathers are still pretty!
    My three are beginning to lay again after two months off and feathers everywhere. The barred rocks were first but yesterday I had an egg from my remaining buff Orpington. They are all the age of the Gems. One a day from 3 hens. However even right after the molt their tails are less impressive than Twiggy’s.

  4. Awww… Scooter is soooo sweet!!! Happy Thanksgiving! And have fun at your Pie Party this weekend! (Even though I know you’ll working your backside off…)

  5. I have one Black Australorp that most non-chicken people would never suspect was molting. She takes a long time, but she never looks bad. She stopped laying over two months ago, so I think she’s should start up soonish. She’s not yet squatting when I approach though. That’s my sure sign her laying will start up.

    Happy Thanksgiving Terry!

    And once again thanks for your advice over the past almost 6 years.

  6. Scooter! So cute. Good for Twiggy. Henny Penny laid a few beautiful blue eggs after she finished molting but now has stopped again for her winter break. We had a bit of a scare with Amelia who was laying well this year up to a week or so ago. Then she seemed to lose her sense of balance and could barely stand, much less get into the coop at night. We set up a animal carrier in the run so that she would have a comfortable place to rest and it seems like she is on the road to recovery. I’m thankful. Have a wonderful holiday and Pie Day!

  7. Scooter clearly has it all figured out. And you were right, Terry, those Dino feet did trample all of the compacted chunks of soil right back to flat!

  8. Glad to hear that Twiggy is taking a break. They say “a change is as good as a rest” … maybe in Twiggy’s case, “a rest is as good as a change (of feathers)”.
    My Euskal Oiloa hen has been back to laying regularly for a few weeks now, but my Speckled Sussex still shows no signs of resuming, even though they went through their moult at about the same time. I thought Speckled Sussex were good winter layers, but apparently this one has other ideas.

  9. Is it my end of technology that I can’t view your cams as i have in past. The screen goes black with a ! In the middle of a triangle. Note says error. I miss everyone.

  10. That is great!! Twiggy deserves a break. I wish my girls would start laying. I have 4 hens that are 28 weeks old now and they haven’t started yet. I also have 3 hens that did start laying. All the same age. I figure their delay is due in part to the shorter days of winter. I usually have flocks that start laying in Sept and then right through the winter but these chicks hatched in May instead of March. I am in FL so not much of a winter here. I won’t expect them to lay until Spring and then maybe they will sooner :)