Five’s a Crowd

Fourteen days after the Eastern Phoebe eggs hatched, the babies were still in the nest. Or, as in the nest as they could be.

5 phoebes


They were still hungry.

flying in


Both parents continued to feed their offspring.



Maybe I’m reading more into this photo than is there, but doesn’t this Phoebe look exhausted?



  1. They are living the “good”! They are so big it is a wonder no one has fallen out. Yes the one on the yellow wire looks like it would take the first bus out of town if able!!!!!

  2. I really hope that they fall out! ;)
    They look pretty snug, and mom or dad look like they might want to switch off with the chicks, and gave food brought to them.

    • Oops, I meant I hope they don’t fall out! Silly me, I was typing too fast!

  3. The babies are almost twice the weight of the adults. Little piggies! Poor skinny parents. Time for those kids to feed themselves! :D

  4. Also…..picking up worms with pot holders is one of many sayings on

  5. Amazing photos. Thank you for this ongoing story. It shouldn’t be long now, and those parent phoebes will have a much deserved rest.