Scooter’s Parentage Revealed

This is Scooter.



He’s a little dog with Queen Ann bow legs, an underbite, floppy ears, a tail that curls, or not, a desire to sleep in the sun, and an occasional burst of zoomies and ferocious barking at things undetectable to the rest of us.

This is Scooter when he was only a few weeks old, back in 2007.



This is his mother. She weighed 25 pounds.



I thought that I was getting a terrier, corgi, something mix that would mature to 15 or 20 pounds.

I was mistaken. Scooter weighs not-quite 11 pounds. Was dad a chihuahua? I finally put the question to rest. The DNA test has come back.

About a third is mixed toy breed, too mixed to determine. But of the other two thirds, more than half is Chihuahua. The other is purebred Shih Tzu.

Google Chihuahua Shih Tzu mix and you will find pages and pages of dogs that look just like Scooter. Who knew? I’m glad that I didn’t. I’ve never considered myself a toy dog person. I’d never have looked for a dog with Scooter’s parentage. Ignorance can lead to bliss!

No one guessed Shih Tzu, but Shannon came closest with her entry of Llasa Apso. Shannon, congratulations! Contact me with your mailing address and I’ll send you the book.

I haven’t yet received the results from Lily’s test. It should be this week. I’ll let you know! By the way, Lily is in total denial that she is supposed to be resting her right leg with the cruciate tendon tear. She gallops in place on the leash, and does play bows to greet me. The veterinarian says there’s no downside to waiting on the surgery, and that the rehab will take months. If we do decide to do it, it will be easier to keep her contained in the winter, so we’ll leave her be until then. Because Lily stays quietly sleeping under my desk as I type, I’m getting a lot of writing done. My working is more calming to her than bones to chew. OTOH, now that Scooter’s playmate is out of action, he’s asking for more playtime with me. That’s my Chi-Tzu!


  1. Ah, the Shih Tzu component. It explains Scooter’s preference for blanket cocooning over outdoor adventure. I have two, the third and fourth who’ve been a part of my household. The girls don’t do rain (like this morning), snow (I dig loop trails), or creek wading (seriously?) I find them to be most delightful, with almost human facial expressions. They’re high maintenance, and sadly many end up in shelters, where all of mine originated.

    • Barb,
      Its my understanding the biggest problem with Shih Tzu is they don’t housebreak well and second they have a very high rate of significant separation anxiety.


      • Hi, Ken,

        Never had any problems with potty training–although I admit to using indoor “piddle pads” for inclement weather.

        As for separation anxiety, my crew are already in nap mode when I leave for work. I’ve always had at least two at a time. Don’t know if a singleton would fuss, left alone.

        I suspect the biggest challenge is upkeep expenses–grooming (6 week interval); annual dental cleaning a must; prominent eyes prone to infection, irritation; and two of mine have had very challenging skin conditions–not curable and hard to control.

        Not for everybody.

  2. Terry I don’t know what is cuter, Scooter as a puppy or Scooter as an adult.

  3. Scooter is pretty cute but, as a puppy, out of this world cuteness!

  4. That first shot of Scooter has him looking very noble indeed, except maybe for the bowed legs ;)

  5. Huh, surprising on the Shih Tzu, though at least you don’t have to deal with him having the long hair that comes with those genes. And Scooter does look like his mother, I wonder if she and either of his two siblings are still alive. And if Scooter takes after her in his personality as well. As for sleeping all the time and going under the blankets as well as not wanting to go outside unless it is warm and nice weather I would also say that comes his chihuahua heritage. Because mine does all those and from her own deer headed chihuahua features, and attributes she is almost certainly 100% chihuahua and also does the same things Scooter does without having his bowed legs or shaped head.

  6. Yep, chihuahuas are definitely sun dogs and blanket burrowers, so I have to agree with Kit: classic Chi traits. Or maybe they are traits common to small breeds in general.

  7. Scooter is so cute. He has his mums face apart from the ears flopping rather than standing up and those little Queen Ann legs, well what you can say. Just too cute and those big big eyes!