1. We can learn quite a bit from our animals. This morning it was -27 here in Vermont. I just sighted my cat under the down puff on our bed!

  2. He knows how to deal with it.

    Speaking of dealing with it. How is the local wildlife fairing? I can’t imagine that the deer, turkey, rabbit etc can get around or find anything to eat.

  3. Scooter is so cute. My chickens can also find a sunny spot. At this time of year there is only one really sunny corner most of the day and I have a branch perch above a ladder (just like your roosting ladders) and all eight girls are often on the rungs of this ladder enjoying this sunny corner.

  4. Precious Scooter! Another snowy gray day here. No chance of a sunny spot here!!

  5. -27!! Brrrrrr. I do not notice any supplemental heat in your coop’s. Barn or inside cams. So chickens can survive those ultra cold temps without additional heat? I am a newbe with my first flock of chickens. So I ask. :-) -27 is downright cold for anything living. Hope it warms up. God bless

  6. Scooter knows best and I think if I went out and all I could see was just white snow walls I would join him. Lily needs to give him a ride on her back !! Hope you get some thawing soon, just not all at once :)

  7. So cute! Sweet Scooter!

    -2 here this morning before windchill. Ugh. We had sun here today, though, and like Scooter my cats headed right for the sunny spots as soon as I opened the curtains this morning. How I wished I could join them!