Blizzard Time-lapse Videos

Where I live, the snowstorm qualified as a true blizzard – high winds, no visibility and a lot of snow. Thirty inches! But, it could have been much, much worse. The temperature was lower than predicted so that the snow was fine and dry (dry as in light and not sticky, of course it’s frozen water, which will ultimately make for quite the mud season!) Such snow doesn’t stick to trees, bending branches and causing power outages. It was dramatic to watch the storm swirl and the snow to cover the pond, and then the benches, and then the fence…

This is a before photo:



Here is the after:


To share the fun with you, Steve made two time-lapse videos.

This one is a view from a second story window.


Here is Phoebe’s view of the storm.


Please share these. The move viewers, the merrier!


  1. These are wonderful. Thank you, Steve. We got a couple of feet of snow — hard to tell because it was so windy here on the coast. We stayed nice and cozy, though, and I admire your trudging outside in the thick of the blizzard to take care of the animals. Farming is hard work, and you can never call in sick!

  2. ohmigoodness! The time lapse scenes are remarkable! I am glad you are all safe and cozy and thanks for the view. I am in Idaho where it is cool (30s/40s) and wet. Rain, fog, light dustings of snow. Goes from hard ground to muddy and back again. Nothing like you all are having tho. My small flock relishes the time they get to free range in the sun in the afternoons!

  3. Sheer joy from Phoebe this morning! Love seeing her race around her new, snowy world!

  4. Fantastic time lapses say a big thankyou to Steve, glad everyone has got through the worst. Have you managed to get to see Tonka or are roads blocked?

  5. One word sums it up …. AWESOME!! Thank you for sharing this with us!

  6. Just discovered your website and it is great. Miss snow so much as I grew up in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia and we had wonderful storms. Now living in North Carolina and I am not a fan of the weather down here. Thank you so much for sharing these pictures and videos.

  7. Winter Wonderland! Glad everyone ok. Steve thanks for your efforts. Finally the sun has come out in East TN.

  8. FANTASTIC-exeptionelle, extraordiner–the Time laps!!! Merci Steve et Terry-you are tres simpatics -true american people examplers.
    Best whishes
    /sorry for mistakes:( /

  9. That is truly amazing. We have nothing like that here in the U.K. and everything grinds to a halt if we get an inch or two of snow. The films are amazing.

  10. Very cool, thanks for sharing with us all! I was showing my 3 year old son the snow on Hencam this morning when you waved at us, Terry. He waved back….lol
    Stay warm!

  11. Wonderful! What a transformation. I have only recent experience with snow, but somehow the sight of this clean sparkling layer over the ground is just too much. I balked at shoveling a path, not because it was hard work, but because I hated to turn up dirty snow and leaves over that pristine layer. It certainly is a transient joy.

  12. Lovely to see the Ladies outside. I have sent you an email hope it gets through.

  13. I’ll join the crowd. AWESOME! Loved the videos even though I’m doing snow myself. :D You know the saying, “Never say never.”? I ‘never’ thought I’d miss going out in freezing temps to do critter chores in a cold barn. But watching you care for your crew in the snow brought back memories of all the huddling and cuddling and nuzzling that went on while chores were done. It wasn’t ALL bad. Me and my circulatory issues just hated the cold so much!

  14. awesome vids, thanks for sharing and making them. I know the snow kept you guys busy and yet you still made the time free to make this for all of us and you Terry to give a response to your followers. Thumbs up for you an the guys :)

    Having a cold but lovely day, very sunny and the girls are happy to be roaming around in the pen. Got them some kale and a cabbage to pick at in their pen and coop. Didn’t put 2 much in their pen, it will otherwise just freeze. Got them some sand/dirt outside and they are just making in fly everywhere, bathing time! LOL.

  15. Wow! That´s so beautiful! I can´t even imagine something like this here. I live in a tropical country and even in winter there is no cold. We use shorts and light dresses!

  16. Dear Ms Terry,
    We are in Pre kindergarten in Harvey, Louisiana. And we check in on your chickens and goats and rabbit almost every day. My boys and girls love watching them. The snow has been a lot of fun to see. But we’re worrying about Phoebe. She hasn’t been on the the camera since all that snow. Is she okay?
    Thanks for your hencam!

    Ms Matassa’s class

  17. Wow! I just sent you an e-mail and asked if you had any snow up there where you are. I guess I should have checked here first! That is a lot of snow!

  18. How lovely of you to create and share these videos for us! I am so glad everyone at “Golson Ranch” is doing fine through the blizzard – – we have all been sending you lots of good warm wishes. Thanks again for all your sharing!

    • Glad you like them – it took quite a bit of time and knowledge for Steve to do them – it’s nice that his effort is appreciated!

  19. Just been watching Phoebe running round like a mad march hare!!! before she went to bed, thoroughly enjoying herself. Great to watch. lol

  20. Terry thanks so much for sharing and tell Steve that he is aaawwwwesome! While Wisconsin is certainly in snow territory you’ve got us beat by a long shot! I know it’s work but boy it sure is pretty!
    Stay warm and safe!

  21. When I logged on it was 3am your time and 1f which is -17c here, brrrr…. that’s chilly glad you’re all still in bed keeping warm lol

    • Jeepers its nearly -20c now!!! have some hot drinks ready, thinking of you.

  22. I can’t believe the depth of snow. Watching it come up on the time-lapse was amazing, esp when it built higher than the cam in the main run. Well done, Steve! How does your garden survive under all that lot?

    • The snow is a wonderful insulator. Better that than no snow and a deep freeze. The only issue is that I can’t get early spinach in when there’s still snow on the ground at the end of March :)