Fine So Far!

Late last night the Blizzard of 2015 began in earnest.

blizzard start


Deep snow is more of a challenge for some than others.

Scooter pee


It’s colder than expected, which is actually a good thing. Although that means that there’s more snow (physics!) it’s lighter, so it’s not sticking to branches and bringing trees down, and it’s easier to shovel. Still there is a lot of it. This morning, for the first pass  to make our way out to the barns, there was already two feet. We expect another foot before the storm peters out.



The goats say Good Morning! You’re late! Where’s the hay?



Thank you for your comments. It’s nice to know that you’re thinking of us. Not to worry. Weather like this is a challenge, but we’re fine! Also, thank you to everyone who sends me “coffee.” (Which, if you haven’t checked it out, is $4 via PayPal.) The cams are expensive to maintain, and I couldn’t do it without support from my viewers. I love sharing my bit of the world with others, and I appreciate the contributions that enable me to do that. Today, I think, I should change the coffee icon to hot cocoa. We’re going to need it! In all honesty, that we is actually Steve and the boys. I’m sending them out to shovel, while I wave from the window.

By the way, Steve is making a time-lapse video of the blizzard. It’ll be posted when this storm is over.

In the meanwhile, Scooter and Lily have the right idea.

Scooter and Lily


  1. At least Scooter goes out. My Lulu puts on the brakes. She will not go until I clear a patch to the bare earth.

    • I had a female dog that was like that. It didn’t have to be bare earth, but nothing could touch the important bits when she squatted. We don’t normally get big snow, but one year it was really bad for nearly two months. 4+ feet of snow. Think of a giant letter ‘E’. That’s what we had shoveled out for her. As people drove by, only our heads were visible above the piles of snow! :D

    • I have to do the same for our dog Sox. She needs a small cleared area to do her business.. Not to mention Addy my cat, he insists on going outside.. I cleared a path and patch for him so he can roam around a bit. Once done he will hide out in our wood shed, out of the wind and snow. Waiting for mommy to call him back in, my other 3 cats are a bit smarter, they just stay inside and wait till the snow is gone ;)

  2. It ‘is’ good to see you are doing OK in the storm. Being in south Mississippi, people around here would be in a panic ‘big time’ if we were hit with a storm like that. It’s like the end of the world if we just get a 6 inch snow! Hope the chickens are doing as well as the goats appear to be.

    • me being originally from The Netherlands I can say the same.. 6 inch of snow and a state of panic roams over Holland LOL. I’ve been here in Pa for 8 years now and skype a lot with my family that still live in Holland. I show them the snow and the are in aw haha.

      By the looks of it the chickens n goats are doing just fine. Terry took good care of things ahead of the storm :) We finally have a break from the snow again, I ‘whine’ about the amount of close to 1 feet of snow but then look at the Hen cam and start feeling silly lol.

      Hang in there for a little longer Terry and the boys (and all that are under the storm effect there), soon it will be a lot less snow.

  3. Here in Brimfield dealing with the same, my golden retriever is chest deep to go potty, poor Scooter!

  4. I was outside yesterday tying up my raspberry plants…it was 60 degrees….sunny and beautiful….but we have a lot of winter left here in the PNW. Our winter is hit and miss until late April. I am wishing for a good old snow storm just once before spring….take care all of you there on the east coast…we are thinking of you here….

  5. Hi Terry, I took a screenshot of Hencam at 3.40am (your time, 08.40am UK time), it looked a lot then! Glad everyone is safe indoors.

  6. Indy (my mini lop) is not thrilled with our lack of snow in Amsterdam, NY, we only got a dusting.

  7. It was heart warming to see the fluffy butt hens, rascally goats and snoozing dogs all safe and comfy this morning! I feel for your guys who will be shoveling that snow :-(

    I think we know where our winter went! We’re currently having spring temperatures.

  8. Been split screening while I read through my morning bloggies. Busy, busy chickens. The fact that they’re locked in for the day gives me an opportunity to watch the Gems. They’re usually all out by the time I get here. The boys, however, look bored. Not much for them to get into. :D

    Glad your snow is fluffy and blowing. Ours was wet and sticky. Not good for the trees and power lines even though it’s definitely not as much as what you’ve got. I hope everything dies down soon for you and everyone is safe and warm.

  9. Glad you are all doing okay. I love the photo of Scooter trying to high step on the snow. I also love the last photo of Scooter with his head tucked in tight. Scooter and Lilly make such a lovely pair.

  10. Terry, I have to admit, I’m a bit envious of your snowstorm. Even though storms like that can be incredibly costly and dangerous, I love hunkering down at home when the world outside is a blizzard. It makes us so thankful of our warm homes, doesn’t it? And I can’t help but think of Laura Ingalls in the The Long Winter. The last picture of Scooter and Lily remind me of what it’s like for my husband and me. I’m all bundled up with warm fleecy pyjamas with the covers pulled up to my nose, and my husband has all the covers kicked off, complaining of how hot it is in bed. :)

  11. ii was rough but I managed a path to the coop this morning, very unhappy chickens, have not got to my car yet, have to do this slow having some health issues. be safe all

  12. Are the hens still laying (especially Twiggy) or will this disrupt them?

  13. Just checking in from Melbourne, Australia. It’s 5am Wednesday morning here. I checked in last evening and saw the snow flying and piling up in the chicken run. I can’t believe the depth that I see there this morning. The girls look nice and cosy inside, as do Lily and Scooter. Keep safe, all of you.

  14. I’m down in Nassau county, Long Island. We got 14 inches! Thanks Terry for all your photos and comments. We really love your website and all the animals! Be safe while digging out! I’m looking forward to the time lapse storm movie.

  15. Glad to see you haven’t lost power! The snow is beautiful – we had our first snow last night, but being in Georgia it melted immediately. :)

  16. All the critters are so cute! Glad to know that everyone, humans included, are safe and warm.

  17. I was also a bit envious. I was all prepared and it passed us by here in baltimore. I got a light dusting of about 2 inches. So pretty . Glad you were prepared. Stay warm and drink cocoa!

  18. Terry, have you been shoveling inside the HenCam pen since the snow started? I’m puzzled by the much lower cleared area in the middle, since snow certainly does appear to be piling up around the edges. Last year I used that screen-door (?) gate as a point of reference for the height of the snow, and when the entire pen was covered up above those horizontal bars, I was truly awestruck! Now, the snow is almost that deep around the edges, but not in the middle. Just curious about the difference, although I am nevertheless once again awestruck. I can’t imagine dealing with all that (it was 70 and sunny in LA today), so kudos to all of you there on the little farm!

    • Oh, yes, we’ve been shoveling. You can’t wait until all 30 inches are on the ground, or you’ll never be able to dig out. Yep. 30 inches.