Heart Dog

Scooter is a small dog of unknown parentage. His mom looked to be a corgi mix. His dad? I’m guessing Chihuahua. It doesn’t really matter. He’s a heart dog, which is a term for a once in a blue moon dog that fits into your life perfectly. Not all dogs are heart dogs. Those of us who have had dogs for many years know that we’re graced by one or two heart dogs amongst the many that we have over a long lifetime. In all honesty, though I love him dearly, he is not my heart dog. I’ve had one so far, and that was Nimbus (she was in my life a few years before this blog.) Scooter is a heart dog for my family. My sons dote on him, he makes my husband smile, and he is the ideal companion for Lily.

Scooter is even a heart dog in a tangible way. Look at his Queen Anne legs.



See that heart?

heart dog

Heart dog.



  1. Sweet pup! You family is very lucky. It is amazing when the universe gives us just what we need. Even when we don’t recognize the wrapping paper.

  2. Love him and his legs! Thanks for the post. Heart dogs, and cats, are truly special.

  3. There are a lot of us who love Scooter at a distance. And “Queen Anne legs” is the perfect description of the heart shape that they form.

  4. How cute Terry! Yes! I see he is indeed a heart dog (by default)! I love this! Thank you for brightening my day :)

  5. Oh that cute face and that perfect heart. What more could you want! He melts the heart. I can’t remember seeing a sweeter face on a dog.