What Dogs Do

This is what the dogs do when I am out of the house.

dogs sleeping

When I come home, they tell me that they’ve been bored, bored BORED, but I know the truth. They’ve simply slept through my absence.

It doesn’t matter if others are home. This is the family joke – that as soon as I step out the door, the dogs fall asleep. Photo taken by my son.


  1. Finally the mystery is solved!!! I’m sure that’s what mine do too!

  2. …..and don’t they tell you that they have been on patrol, guarding the property?

  3. My lazy dog slept in til 11 a.m. this morning. It is raining here today and if I had not insisted she go outside to tinkle I doubt she would have moved from her bed. It must be a real pat on the back for you to have proof that it is only your company that the dogs find accelerating enough to show proper signs of life. :)

  4. Mine is on the couch, but first thing she does when I leave is cruise the kitchen counter to see if I left anything, shes a great dane and I have caught her doing this. If anything is left, its gone

  5. Well, of course! You are where all the interaction is! :D Our dog is interested in two things when leaving occurs. 1) Does he get to go? and 2) Is everyone leaving? Please? He gets a ‘goodbye’ treat to keep him busy while we leave and if we’re all going he zooms for his crate to await his goody. And then he cruises the garbage can after we’re out. He’ll respect it if the lid is down. Heaven forbid we leave it up. But just one person leaving? If there’s no food involved, he doesn’t care. :D

  6. They are just recharging their batteries for your return! Love this picture!