Urban Chicken Podcast

I had the pleasure of chatting with Jen Pitino over at the Urban Chicken Podcast. (Do click on the link and read what she has to say. She writes as well as she interviews!) We had a wide-ranging conversation about chicken keeping and cooking. We also delved into how I got started with hens, why I have those cams in my backyard, and dish about a few things that you might not know about what goes on at HenCam. Tune in!



    • That’s Veronica. Her feathers are loose, it’s near to molting season, but she does look good. That’s a classic Veronica pose – except she’s usually saying something. She’s my chattiest hen.

  1. You need to write a new book about Tonka! Horse people are unique. Children love horse stories. I can see ,” Tonka moves to Boston” or “Tonka gets a new home”. You’ve done so much with Tonka already, like new shoes and clicker training. I wore out, “Misty of Chincoteague” on my grandchildren and neighborhood children. You can tell by the worn corners of the book that it was and is well loved. I loved the interview but there is so much more about chicken cam and I don’t think there are enough words to express it.

    • Gee, sorry Terry, I didn’t mean “chicken cam”…of course I meant Hen Cam…I know you don’t have Roo’s!

  2. This is a wonderful interview. It’s nice to now have a voice to put with the face. And so many talents- baker, writer animal trainer, researcher and on and on!
    I found it interesting to hear of the work, computer knowledge and equipment needed for the cams. Kudos for the hubbies assistance.
    Thank you from a daily watcher in So Californa

    • My blog and HenCam wouldn’t exist without him. Next month we’ll have been married 22 years, and it’s still a good partnership :)

  3. I`m listening to this interview as I sit here at my desk. I am really enjoying hearing so many stories of your very interesting life. This really gives us viewers of your site an even greater insight into just how diligent you are in making sure everything you put your hand to, is done as best as you possibly can, and with so much thought and consideration. You are truly both a people and animal lover and have so much valuable information to offer us all. Thank-you Terry for everything you do! :)

  4. What a great interview Terry! I’m “clicker trained” to tune in to Hen Cam every day, and I know I’m not alone. By the way, how is little Scooter coming along with his classes? Or would it be best not to talk about that…

    • I will have a post and video of Scooter’s progress soon! Scooter has decided that he is a brilliant, meat-eating dog. He eagerly engages in training sessions. It’s actually easier to train a dog with Scooter’s (ahem) limited imagination, than a genius dog like Lily. That said, I do have to adjust to his world-view – my ankles!

  5. Just come across your website whilst looking up a question on google about molting. Got enraptured listening to the interview here and am still in my pjamas. What a great site you have and what an interesting person you are. I have just begun keeping chickens (May this year) and have four beautiful ladies: Anne, Diana, Araminta and Lady Loxley whom I love to watch. They are wonderful calming therapy. I loved your analogy of the ocean. I am now going to explore the rest of your website …. then I will get dressed. Love from Billericay, Essex, England.