A Conversation With Root Simple

It’s just a coincidence that two podcasts they I took part in this month released their episodes the same week. I guess that I have a lot to say about chickens, because there’s almost no overlap in the content of these conversations.

I’ve followed the Root Simple blog for years. Unlike many who promote urban sustainability, the couple behind Root Simple are not didactic. They maintain their ethics, but with a good dose of humor and practicality. Also, they have a few passions that I like hearing about. Erik has delved deeply into bread baking, and Kelly adores cats. (She should never think that there are too many internet cat photos – Kelly, go ahead and post more!) Erik and Kelly keep chickens in urban Los Angeles, and I was delighted to be asked to be a guest on their podcast.

Kelly and Erik have a small urban yard filled with plants appropriate for southern California conditions. I so enjoy reading their blog posts about fruits that I could never grow here (grapefruit!) and their experiments with straw bale vegetable beds. Erik reads my blog and watches the cams to see what rain looks like :) I took this photo this morning, of dew on a brussels sprouts leaf. It’s for you, Erik!



  1. Great interview, Terry!
    One of your topics in particular was timely for me: rooster collars is being discussed on a local poultry forum here. The thread included a youtube video of one in use, and when I heard the audio, I found it disturbing; it struck me that he sounded strangled, in spite of behaving normally in every other way.