Corn Eating Styles

You can tell a lot about a person by how they eat an ear of corn. Tidy and straight across or all over the place?

corn on the cob


It doesn’t matter how a hen eats an ear of corn. She’ll peck at it until every bit is gone.

hens peck


Tonka is a calm and methodical eater. When I take him out to graze, he barely moves.

T head eating


He mows down on the grass that is, literally, right in front of his nose.

horse teeth


The goats, of course, are another story.

They rip up the grass with enthusiasm. (Did you know that goats only have bottom teeth in the front, none on top? But there is a hard gum line. You don’t want to get your fingers bit by a goat.)

goats eating


The goats take their time to look around and chew.

Caper chewing


There might be some talking.

goat talking and chewing


And the grass is always greener somewhere else.

distracted eaters


  1. Thanks for my morning chuckle. I am curious though…… who`s the all over the place person in your family? :)

  2. Love Pip with his color commentary! I’ve never been a horse person, but it is calming just to look at Tonka’s face. He is truly beautiful.

  3. When I give my girls the leftover cobs there is nothing and I mean nothing left…not even the cob! I bought some dried mealworms and that is a big hit…

  4. :D So I had to ask everyone about their corn eating styles. I had never paid any attention. We’re all straight acrossers! I always give my hermit crabs our cobs. They swarm them.

  5. Our German Shorthair Pointer loved corn on the cob and she worked the cob clean. I surely miss her. Do your dogs eat corn off the cob or does Tonka?

  6. My beloved kitty Simba was crazy about corn on the cob! It was so funny watching him eat it. On another note…. We are considering goats and I was wondering how the tethering works out? This is a great way to allow them lots of room to munch and roam. Can you recommend a certain type…. one they won’t eat through. Thanks.

    • Funny about your kitty. I knew one that loved munching green beans.
      Do. Not. Tether. Goats get tangled. Goat choke. Some of us don’t even use collars. Those plastic link collars you see dairy goats wearing? They’re break away.

  7. Terry, Thanks for the reply about tethering. I definitely wouldn’t want to cause injury. ♥ Terri

  8. Love your place. It feels like paradise! Your animals are lucky to have you. Love your site and all the info and stories you share.