Vintage Chicken Party Decor

The Chicken Garden Party on Saturday was an excuse for me to pull out some of the vintage items from my collection. What I have is charming and quirky, but not particularly valuable, so I have no qualms about using it even when there are children and dogs about.

I’ll likely never find more of these 1970s napkins, but I was happy to see people wipe their fingers with them.



I purchased the napkins off eBay along with a matching plastic tray, which you can just see here under the Rosemary Molasses Cookies.



I have a set of these tin canisters. This one was just right for holding a bouquet of just-picked flowers from the meadow.



Yes, all we did was talk about chickens!

garden talk


Guests showed off photos of their own flocks. Liz brought show-and-tell. One of her hens laid this huge egg. We hypothesized whether there was a second egg inside of the there. We weighed it (4.5 ounces!) I pulled out my Blas-Fix egg blower and emptied it out. There wasn’t an extra shell, but there were three yolks. Liz took the blown-out egg home as a souvenir. She’ll be keeping an eye on that hen.

huge egg


Scooter got some loving and butt-scratching. He was a happy little dog.



Everyone payed homage to The Beast.


It was a very nice afternoon.


  1. It looks like a wonderful time was had by all.
    I can verify that those rosemary cookies are wonderful!

  2. I love what you are doing! Couldn’t make it down to your garden party but it looked awsome. I was on the HenCam and saw everybody walking around etc. Just got my little girls 2 weeks ago – they are loking good. I got 12 Auracanas. This is my second time raising them. I love the variety of colors (both eggs and hens) Slso – they set their eggs – i love seeing them hatch out and haveing the zMother take care of them. zthanks for being a part of my love of Nature!

  3. Onyx just laid an egg under the ladder. Your garden Party was a wonderful experience for those who were there!

    • Someone did (thanks for the heads up!) but it wasn’t Onyx. She’s in the far right box, as broody as can be.

  4. black chicken, red comb…thought it was Onyx…she rolled it and went outside. Anyway, you saved it!

  5. We had a wonderful time, special thanks to Steve for all the attention given to our kids. I think it’s something they will never forget