Thanks for the Carrots!

Phoebe is very grateful for all of the carrots that were generously sent to her.


Vegetables aren’t supposed to be fattening.

Maybe she looks so round because of the angle of the photo.




  1. My Lop Indy is a little rotund at the moment, I’m sure he will slim out…. When I first got him you told me to watch for his humorous personality.( or something along those lines) He is a riot and has so much personality… He does love to harass the hens, For a little while I was convinced that he wanted to try to make the hens have Cadberry Eggs… I had to have a talking to with him… It was quite amusing to see him try to mount the hens as they would run and scream at him

    • I haven’t had an intact male (or female, for that matter, my bunnies are spayed) in with the hens. Has Indy stopped trying? Does he spray his territory? I’ve heard that’s a problem with males. Lucky Lindy to have a home where people appreciate his rabbit humor!

  2. He has stopped, and if he does get to randy with the hens they give him a peck… I haven’t noticed spraying, but he lives outside year round he has a large hutch in a 10 by 10 dog kennel, which is secured and the bottom so he cant dig out… on my days off if I am home I open the door to the kennel and let him have free run of the yard

  3. also
    for being intact he is gentle and has no aggression like I have heard they could have

  4. For the record, Phoebe is trying to convey that she is a big-boned neanderthal rabbit breed and that she still has winter fur. (Right Terry?)

  5. Off topic, but I was laughing so much. One of your goat boys appeared to be trying to scratch his back on the far corner of the barn. Legs don’t bend like that and he would flail around with two of his legs and use his head in an attempt to keep from falling over. And then try again. Poor baby. But it was very funny. I can’t tell you who it was. My view was mostly goat butt and belly and in the shade through the wire from the hens yard.

    • Ah, yes, that’s about the only exercise that they get. There’s a big boulder off camera range that is just lower than belly height so they do some rather ridiculous gymnastics there as well.

  6. She’s not FAT! She’s FLUFFY! I had my llama sheared yesterday and the shearer says “Oh! He is a little round! Oh well! He will even out”…I have no idea what that means but I am buying it…..LOL

  7. She says she’s merely preparing for another New England winter!

  8. Phoebe and I very much appreciate all of the excuses for her rotundity. Yes, she’ll even out! And her head will get bigger, and she’s all set for bad weather :)

  9. A little tubbiness looks great on Phoebe!! Darling Girl.