May Flowers

Yesterday I had the perfect Mother’s Day. I spent it with all of the guys that I love – my two sons, husband and horse. Even the goat boys got a long and leisurely scratching.

I got flowers, too, and none required fussing or vases.

Some of the prettiest of the May flowers are low to the ground and small, but their delicate beauty shouldn’t be overlooked.





The Flowering Almond is at it’s peak. Another week, and this shrub will be unassuming and untidy. All of us have our moments of glory, some are more fleeting than others.



Daffodils and muscari are up in the front woodland. When the light hits them just so, they glow like stained glass.




I even got the promise of peaches.



It was a very good Mother’s Day.


  1. I should say so! Love wildflowers. I was looking at the pictures on my iphone and half of what I took in Turkey last year were of wildflowers.

    • Flowers in foreign lands are so interesting – familiar and yet odd. Looking at new flora is a highlight of traveling for me.

  2. What a beautiful day in your neighborhood! And when I looked at the cam just now, it was so lovely: bright sunshine, green grass, chickens pecking, goats grazing. Happy May!
    P.S. Do the chickens “use” the outside ladder? Seems like such a great idea, but I never see anyone on it.

    • Yes, they do. I saw several taking advantage of the higher steps. Of course, that was when there were several feet of snow on the ground! :)

  3. Beautiful pictures! I especially like the one of the flowering almond for its ephemeral mix of focus and blur. I’m glad that you have the promise of peaches. I was out planting green beans and jalapeno peppers and giving everything a good watering because it is supposed to be in the high 90’s in the SF Bay Area on Wednesday.

  4. Happy belated Mother’s Day, Terry. Your stories and posts are as lovely as your flowers. Thanks for the entertainment and info for the last year.

  5. Beautiful! The shot of the daffodils is simply amazing.
    -Funny thing, I’d never even heard of flowering almond before this morning- and I’m seeing them for the first time on HenCam this evening!

    For all the fun in planting and gardening, it is always a wonder to see beautiful flowers coming up without any help.

  6. I’ve loved bluets since I was a small child. I love seeing them appear in early spring! Thanks for the lovely photos of them!

  7. Who is that little white chicken in with the Big Girls?
    I glad to hear that you had such a great Mother’s Day.

    • Betsy Ross is the little white hen. Click on the Who’s Who page and you’ll be able to read everyone’s bio!