A Bucolic Scene

After yesterday’s post about how quickly hens age, I thought that a bucolic scene would provide a nice counterpoint. When people decide to get chickens, this is what is imagined: a beautiful hen on a green lawn.


Isn’t Pearl lovely? Doesn’t simply looking at a scene like this slow your breath and lower your blood pressure? Keeping chickens is not all about the eggs.

Here are the Ladies, having an afternoon stroll.

hens on lawn

Deep sigh. There. Feeling calm?

Once you get chickens, you might decide that an even larger domestic farm animal would add to the bliss in your backyard. Here’s a grazing goat.

goat on lawn

Ah… nice. Right?

WAIT. EXCUSE ME. I have to RUN! The other goat is in the flowers.

goat in flowers

Serene they are not. Have you read those studies that show that challenging mental activities help to keep Alzheimher’s at bay? I think that goat keeping qualifies.


  1. They keep you on your toes! And, of course, they’re just doing it for your health. ;-)

  2. First-
    I love your Station Wagon. Now I love this blog even more.

    Second –
    I love Pearl. She has been one of my favs to watch. I lover the color of her plumage. One of the prettiest feather dusters I have ever seen. ;)

    • That vehicle is my 20-year old son’s car. It is glorious, isn’t it?
      BTW, Pearl is as nice as her feathers.

  3. Hens can tear up a flower bed in 5 seconds flat. And you have to tell them over and over that that flower bed is out of bounds. They just don’t want to hear about that.

  4. I do love watching them…it’s my favorite thing to do…..they are all so industrious…thanks for the post this morning..it reminds me to slow down and enjoy all things…c:)

  5. Gorgeous pics! You have beautiful property! I have a hammock set up next to the chicken yard for my viewing pleasure.

  6. That goat looks so innocent, like “what could I possibly be doing wrong by having a nibble here”. Chickens plus goats, lots of destruction but even more entertainment.

  7. Just found your page. What a lucky lady you are. Such a beautiful place.

  8. That’s my Pip — keeping his staff on their toes. Can’t say I have ever heard “goats” and “serene” in the same sentence either. Great post and a good giggle.

  9. So peaceful and lovely!! Did you by chance see the goat riding on the back of a bicycle rider in Uganda today? I guess it’s on UTube and Dear Goatie seemed to be enjoying the event–turning his head one way or the other. I can’t see his feet but I don’t believe they were tied–he just looks like he’s holding on like a person!!

  10. A bunch of toddlers on the loose…alas it must be summer!

  11. Funny post! I sit and watch my chickens and feel calm and oops …. wait…1 has gone astray, one is eating the figs lol.. It’s always something. But I feel blessed to have thm in my life. My flock is 2 next week. Thanks as always for the posts! And photos.

    • Of course it has gotten hard to sit for very Long. My white marans, Violet, has taken to hopping into my lap and settling down for a rest lol. It’s the funniest thing. She will sit there until I have to take her off to stand up. I keep trying to tell my hubby we have to get a video. My lap chicken!

  12. very nice site you have & enjoy the beautiful pictures you share.

  13. Terry where did you get that gate on the garden? I really like that.

    • I saw a photo of a gate like that and my brilliant landscaper copied it for me. So, you can copy mine if you like :)

  14. Beautiful pics Terry! I love your yard! Looks serene…lol!

  15. A serene yard and great entertainment by the Ladies, now, that’s a bucolic life to me!

    • She’s a cochin and mild-mannered as well as pretty. But, cochins get heat stress in the summer. The ISAs are easier to care for.

  16. Ah, then I won’t be swayed by her looks and get a cochin. We get up to 47 degrees Celcius here.