New Workshop Scheduled!

Over the last few years, I’ve taught numerous introduction to chicken keeping workshops. I’ve also written about how to get started with backyard hens in The Farmstead Egg Guide and Cookbook.

What I haven’t done is teach an in-depth class focusing on chicken health, the issues that arise with aging hens, and problematic chicken behavior. But, I’ve been working on it, and the first Advanced Chicken Care Workshop is being offered on May 17. Sign up through my Upcoming Events page.

Meanwhile, I have a number of programs coming up that I’d love to see you at! Yesterday’s Boston Globe book section had a wonderful write-up about what I do by Kate Tuttle. Tomorrow night I’ll be expanding on that conversation at Porter Square Books. I’ll bring a hen! There will be time for Q & A, so bring your chicken keeping questions.

Also, looking ahead to June, I’ll be at one of my favorite places, Tower Hill Botanic Garden, for a short talk and book signing, at 7 pm on June 11. Tower Hill has a lovely cafe, and I’ve reserved a table for 12 for dinner before the event. If you’d like to join me, let me know via email.

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  1. I wish I could attend your workshop but the flying across country is a big hurdle. I’d buy a DVD of your presentation if you filmed the event!

  2. I thought I saw a goat on the loose. One of the boys were scratching along the fence then it appeared he was outside and then I lost sight of him. Noe I see Steve and you Terry by the fence.