What do I see? Springtime color in the leaves?

leaves and crocus


Yes! Even the white croci are cheerfully colorful. Look at those yellow centers. Harbingers of the hot summer sun that will get here soon enough.

white crocus


Yesterday morning the ground was covered by a hard frost. Croci don’t care.

purple crocus



crocus closeup


  1. Those croci are gorgeous! It’s funny how even though I’m in Honors English class, I’ve never made the connection that the plural of crocus is croci…

    The croci at my house are a deep violet. A few bloomed yesterday.

  2. Lovely sight indeed! Quite a few of my Croci(cool word)…got eaten by the wild bunnies that sneak into our yard in the evening after Kitty the dog is in for the night. It seems they are a favourite snack. Your Mauve ones are the same colour as the autumn croci. Always a treat for the eyes, no matter the season.

  3. Very pretty.
    I know spring has officially arrived when the croci appear.

    I actually mowed the grass Saturday.

  4. Summer has started here all ready. Were in the low to mid 90’s here. :)

  5. Great! I will have to kick some snow aside and look for mine. Thanks for the pictures, I really think spring is here even though they are still skiing on the mountain here.

  6. Daffodils are what bloom first along with Lilies of the valley. With our Camellia usually starting to bloom every year around my birthday in February. For the second time only in memory it didn’t bloom until late March this winter.

  7. Those are gorgeous! My lilies are all in bloom right now. Just beautiful!