My Easter Bunny

I had a blogpost planned for today. It was filled with science, feathers, and the evolution of dinosaurs into birds. This morning I went out to the coops to take photographs for it. Phoebe had other plans for me.

There will be Easter egg hunts on Sunday, she said. There will be rabbits doing the important work of delivering chocolate. You need a photograph of the Easter Bunny.




The post about feathers will be up next week. Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Phoebe is awesome. So glad she is at Litttle Pond Farm!

  2. Not only an easter bunny, but Phobe is an Siamese Satin Easter Bunny.

  3. Some bunny’s just too adorable. Your whiskers are the best Phoebe! Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. The little white hen is off the roost and outside this morning! What kind is she, if you know?

    • Bantam White Leghorn. She’s elderly and knows how to take care of herself. To see the bios of all of the chickens, click on “Who’s Who” at the top of this page.

  5. Love that bunny face! Hope you and your family have a happy Easter.

  6. Good morning..a couple of girls in the goat yard! Looking like they want back in their run.

  7. What long whiskers! Enjoy your weekend, Terry, and thanks for sharing.

  8. Let me in! Let me in! There’s some heavy duty pacing going on! :D

    Phoebe, you are awesome! Happy Holidays to all at Little Pond!

  9. I agree with Diane. A couple girls are antsy – pacing back and forth. Maybe they have to lay an egg.

  10. Thanks Pheb! I hope you and all your bunny friends have a wonderful day! Also, hoping there are no bunnies waiting in she,ters for homes after impulse purchases!

  11. Phoebe is adorable! Oh the temptation to get a bunny…lol! Happy Easter Terry! I have Easter chicks over here. I gave a broody Barred Rock some fertile eggs I picked up locally and now I have 6 beautiful chicks she hatched 1 week ago. So cute! =)

  12. I hope Phoebe got an extra banana chip for all her wonderful efforts today. ;-)
    Passover and Easter greetings to all!