More Faces

Here a three more photos to start your week.

Phoebe still has her winter layer of fat and thick fur coat. She eats as if winter is never going to end.


Phoebe the rabbit


The goats have a layer of fat, too. Whether it is for the winter or just the way they are is up for debate. They are shedding.


Pip and Caper


Scooter sheds all year round. As much as he tries, he cannot put on a layer of winter fat. Instead, he spends the cold months cuddled up on beds with blankets.


Scooter, a 10 1/2 – pound mixed breed dog


  1. thanks for all the great pixs…having a good time with your new camera (and so are we).

  2. Phoebe has to have the most gorgeous coat I’ve ever seen. And not a hair out of place. Such a beautiful rabbit. The boys look curious, healthy and happy, as always. And little Scooter just wants to be buried in blanket pile with his sweet ears pricked up. Ain’t animals grand?

  3. I love seeing pictures of your animals! Thanks!
    Phoebe is a beautiful bunny!
    I had never been around goats that shed, until this winter. Mine have the coursest long hair, that gets stuck all over my gloves from petting them!
    Scooter is so cute!

  4. Thank you so much for HenCam, your photos and posts. They make my day! My lunch time treat is to peak in at the girls and see what is new in their lives. Again, thank you!

  5. Cute, cuter and cutest.

    Terry, did the snow storm miss you?
    Snowmageden here turned out to be one of the biggest weather forecast failures in a while. All the ice, sleet and snow turn out to be a whopping 1/2 inch of sleet. I am not complaining however.

  6. Is the word SQUEEEE the kids use! ADORABLE pictures. The GENTLEMEN sign cracks me up though:) Just LOVE those goat boys! I did see Phoebe run through the hens last week. It’s fun to try and follow her from the inside cam to the outside cam!

    • Oh, I’ve been meaning to ask, have you ever had a hen actually lay an egg while you were making a school visit?

      • If a hen needs to lay an egg while somewhere away from home, without a nesting box, she gets anxious and paces. So, I try to take only hens that have either already laid or that aren’t laying. However, sometimes my timing is off. One time a hen laid an egg on the drive home! (Being in the car was familiar to her, and she was happily tucked into her travel crate.)

  7. Did Steve take the picture of the goat boys? They appear to be waiting for the Goat Maid. :-)

  8. Phoebe knows there is a lot more winter to come. Chi-beria revisited!!

  9. Wait. I just learned about this today, so forgive me.

    So you named Pip and Caper after the berries, right?

    My geography teacher asked if anyone had ever had caper berries and I was like *swings head around like a chicken when they hear the treats*. Sure enough I searched up “pip berries” also.

    Very unique! How did you think of such creative names?

    • Hi Mikayla, One of the joys of owning so many animals is that I can name them all. I wanted names for the goats that expressed their nature. Pip and Caper are words that sound sprightly, and mean what they sound like (to “caper” is to bounce and play.) But, you’re right that caper is also a berry – which I cook with a lot! It’s piquant and makes recipes interesting, so that fits, too. Honestly, I hadn’t thought of the berry when I named him, but it’s very fitting!

      • I agree, naming animals is great. That’s a very cool fact about the verb caper. I’ll have to use that in my next English paper.

        My teacher brought in a jar of the berries today. I tried one, and they’re very similar to olives, yet very different and much more potent. I loved them.

  10. Terry, all adorable pics. Phoebe is a cutie but they all are =) Any misters in Phoebe’s future? BTW, I was watching the Gems this morning, and Jasper (the Welsummer) seems a little under the weather….standing still a lot and puffed up a bit compared to the others.

    • Phoebe is spayed, so no little bunnies in the future. All of the hens are huffed up this morning – it was below 0 degrees at sunrise!

  11. Beautiful bunny! :) Handsome fellows too! Happy Happy farm! :)

  12. So Scoooter does like piles of blankets to curl up in ? Does he steal them and wrap himself up till only his nose peaks out like my chihuahua Luna does ?